University telephone voicemail change

As a result of an upgrade to the Telephony System you now have a new voicemail service on your office telephone.

New voicemail service access:

  • You should access your voicemail by pressing the ‘messages’ button or using the number 16200.
  • You will be prompted to enter a PIN number. Use the initial PIN number 102030 and then follow the prompt to:
    • Change your greeting
    • Change your PIN to a six digit number that you will remember (note: like your password do not use something that others will guess)

If you are having difficulties accessing voicemail please wait 10 minutes before trying again.

Old voicemail service access:

  • As this is a new voicema​il service, your older voicemail messages that you have saved can be accessed in a different way.
  • To access your old voicemail dial the number 16300 and enter your old password.

If you require more information or support please contact the Service Desk.