Disruption to office desk phone service (telephony)


All migrations to the new telephony provider were completed by 9.30am this morning.  Information from the team is that all testing has been completed and the service is now not at risk as of 12.27pm.

All office desk phones connected to the University’s telephony service will be moved to a new provider on Sat 24 Mar. This will cause disruption to availability, as outlined below.

Work will start at 07:45 and may take up to 10 hours to complete. We ask that you regard the service as at-risk for the entirety of the day.


  • Inbound calls: Calls coming from outside the University to your office desk phones will be disrupted within the work window.
  • Outbound calls: Calls being made from office desk phones to numbers external to the University will be largely unaffected, but may experience a brief period of disruption.
  • Internal calls: Calls being made from office desk phones to other internal University numbers will be unaffected.

You may find your office desk phone functions as normal prior to the completion time. If this does occur, your telephony service should still be considered at-risk throughout the day.

The shift will result in significant savings for the University over a three year period. Our move to the new provider is also essential because we’re currently running our telephony service on a legacy plan.

After the work
Although we anticipate no issues with office desk phones to arise following the work, please contact the Service Desk if you do experience any from Sun 25 Mar onwards.