Delayed emails from My Dundee

Emails sent from My Dundee have been delayed and are now starting to come through to your inboxes. You may see this error “This sender might be impersonating a domain that’s associated with your organization”

What’s happening?
Significant numbers of emails sent from My Dundee, including both module and major system announcements, have been identified by Microsoft servers as spam. they have therefore been blocked, meaning that many users have not received these messages.

UoD IT have worked with Microsoft to release these blocked emails and have now released them. This has resulted in a backlog of emails coming out. This means that you may get emails that should have been received as long ago as the 2 Jan 2019.

A temporary solution has been put in place and the emails that had been blocked over the last two weeks have now been released. This does however mean that many of you will receive delayed emails.

A long term solution is being put in place by UoD IT, working with our vendors Blackboard and Microsoft. We expect this to be resolved today.

We have no reason to believe that any emails or announcements have been lost.