Changes to your Junk Email folder

We’re making changes to the email system that will improve the filter on your Junk Email Folder from Wed 25 Apr.

If you don’t already do so, you need to start checking and managing your Junk Email folder regularly. Most emails diverted to this folder will be junk and spam/phishing, but some legitimate emails may be sent there too.

What to do with spam/phishing emails you find in this folder
Report these emails to Microsoft using the instructions in our web guide before deleting from your Deleted folder.

What to do with any legitimate emails you find in this folder
Right-click the email and mark as Not junk to divert the email to your Inbox folder. All emails you receive from that sender will go to your Inbox from then on. Further instructions can be found in our web guide.

This will reduce the amount of fraudulent emails that make it into your Inbox, decreasing the likelihood you’ll interact with them.

Getting help
If you have any issues or questions, please contact the Service Desk (C1804-007).

Questionmark On-Demand – Service Issues

What is the problem?
We are experiencing an issue with users accessing Questionmark assessments. IT are awaiting the supplier to provide feedback.

Who does it affect?
Students accessing Questionmark assessments.

What should I do?
Check this status page for updates. Students should contact their course leaders if this issue will affect any assessment deadlines.

We are experiencing issues with the Questionmark OnDemand service affecting users accessing assessments. This issue was reported to CTIL this afternoon and we are in touch with the vendor trying to discover the root cause of this issue.

We will update this message when we have more information.

iGRasp – Essential Maintenance – 11 April 2018 (18:00 – 23:00 BST)

Lumesse (the providers of the iGRasp application) will be carrying out essential maintenance to the LIVE iGRasp environment on Wednesday 11 April 2018 between 18:00 – 23:00 BST.

As a result of this, i-GRasp will be unavailable for up to 10 minutes during this maintenance window.

Please note that this will affect BOTH the administration aspects of the application which iGRasp users interact with, and also the front end websites which our candidates interact with.

Due to the short downtime window, there will be NO message displayed to candidates on the front facing web pages.

Should however you receive any queries or complaints from candidates as a result of this, please do not hesitate in contacting Sarah Christie, Business Services (People Systems) via the University Service Desk (

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Brief service interruption to areas on new network

Planned work will be undertaken on the new Dell network between Mon 9 – Fri 13 Apr.

Each building running on the new network may experience a brief interruption to the following services:

  • Wired and wifi connectivity
  • University office desk phones

This work will ensure the new network continues to run smoothly.

If you have any questions about this planned maintenance, please contact the Service Desk.

Questionmark OnDemand

Questionmark OnDemand will be updated on Saturday 21 April between 07:00 and 13:00.

During the time above, staff authoring assessments and students taking assessments will experience service disruption. This also includes assessments taken through MyDundee that use the QuestionmarkOnDemand service.

This update will ensure the ongoing reliability, security, and uptime of the platform.

Reporting issues and getting help
If you have any questions about the update, please contact the Service Desk (ref 1804-0827)

Fulton Building Network Migration

The Fulton Building will be migrated across to the new network between Mon 9 – Fri 13 Apr. The following areas will be affected at the dates/times below:

  • Mon 9, 13:00 – 18:00, Structures Lab and Ground Floor workshops
  • Tue 10, 08:00 – 18:00, First, second, and third floors
  • Wed 11, 08:00 – 18:00, Computer suite (H19)
  • Thu 12, 07:00 – 12:00, Ground, first and second floors north and west
  • Thu 12, 13:00 – 18:00, Level 4 and Level 3 south
  • Fri 13, 07:00 – 12:00, Ground and first floor south and east

A more detailed listing of which rooms will be affected when has been sent to your School stakeholder. This should have been issued to all staff residing in the building.

You may find your device becomes active prior to the completion time. If this does occur, your network service should still be considered at-risk up until 18:00.

Whilst the replacement of the network equipment should be completed on the day of migration, some devices (such as printers) may need further configuration afterwards. Work to update these devices will be carried out on subsequent days, which means they may be non-functional for a period of time.

There will be no access to the wired and wireless network (including internet access) in these areas at the indicated times. Migrations will affect all client devices such as PCs and laptops, printers, and building management systems connected to the University network.

What you need to do once we’ve completed your migration

Follow the guidance below to re-establish your computers wired connection post-migration.

Managed computers (Staff Desktop) 
Take no action for these devices post-migration. They should automatically connect to the new wired network but may need to be rebooted if they’ve been switched on throughout the change.

Non-managed computers
Enable 802.1x authentication on your wired network connection post-migration. Follow the instruction guide for your OS (Linux, Windows, or Mac) on the IT website to do this.

Continue to connect to eduroam to get superfast wifi using your full username ( in the building.

Reporting issues / getting help
Please contact the Service Desk via Help4U or by phone on extension 88000 once the work is complete.

All Fulton Building activities will run on the University’s new, next-generation network following successful migration.

Read more about this project on the Network Refresh Blog.

Turnitin Service Availability Issue

Update  – this has now been resolved  – see message from Turnitin  (below)


Turnitin Status @TurnitinStatus

We’re pleased to announce that this has now been resolved and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

– – – –



Third Party Provider Turnitin   are currently experiencing issues – please see service alert below – their service is unavailable


Turnitin Service Alert is currently experiencing a service outage, our engineers are investigating this behaviour. We apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused.
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Turnitin Submission Issue

2018 – 03-28 Update –  this has been resolved  – see status update from our Third Party Provider – Turnitin


Turnitin Service Alert

You might have experienced an issue making a submission or viewing submissions within the Feedback Studio, which was down to a service disruption affecting the performance of Turnitin and Turnitin UK.
When did this happen?PDT    28th March 2018  05:45 – 08.57BST    28th March 2018  14:00 – 16:57

AEST  28th March 2018  23:00 – 01:55 (March 29th)


We are pleased to announce that this has now been resolved.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks for your patience!

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Third Party Provider Turnitin   are currently experiencing issues – please see service alert below


Turnitin Service Alert
Users of the Turnitin & Turnitin UK services may be unable to view submissions in the Feedback Studio. We are investigating this issue as a priority.

You can follow the progress of this disruption on our system status page.

We apologize for any inconvenience and will update you as soon as we identify the cause of this issue.

Stay up to date with Turnitin system status by following @TurnitinStatus on Twitter.
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Issue with University Phone System – Outgoing External calls

Update  – this was resolved by 7.00 pm on Tuesday 27th March


There is currently an issue with the University telephone system. We have reports that when users try to dial an external number they are receiving either a permanently engaged tone  or a message saying  “service has been suspended”.

Along with our third party supplier ,  we  are investigating  the reason for this – and will update you as soon as possible.

Internal calls are not affected

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Migration to new telephony Provider 24th March


For info – arising from the work on the telephony service ( which took place on Sat 24th March)

  • some users  are experiencing an intermittent issue with calls to external numbers ( whereby the phone is not ringing between dialling and pick-up)
  •  we have an engineer on site who is actively working on resolving this

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause .