Month: April 2013

Change to Novell DHCP – No: 61087

Since 18th February, we have experienced an intermittent fault with Novell DHCP.  During the fault some users are unable to log in to the University network.

 The Novell DHCP service reloads automatically every hour to enable new DHCP entries.  Occasionally there is an error on reload resulting in IP addresses not being served.  To work around this problem we will stop the automatic reload and perform a manual reload at 10am, 1pm and 4pm between Monday and Friday to ensure timely detection and remedy of the fault should it occur.  The change will take effect on Friday 5th April @ 4pm.

ICS is in the process of migrating each University network subnet away from Novell DHCP to a new DHCP service, called BlueCat, to address the issues with Novell DHCP.  We will continue to work with local analysts and post new information on the Status Page. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this work please contact Service Desk quoting reference number 61087.