Month: April 2014

Issue with sharing documents on OneDrive

We are currently experiencing an issue where  email alerts are received by users once they have shared a document using OneDrive.  This has been reported to Microsoft who are currently working to resolve the issue.

When you share a document you will receive a failed delivery report, however the document will have been shared with the intended recipient as expected.

Assistance required from users unable to login to UoD WiFi

We have become aware of an issue for users logging in to UoD WiFi from certain devices running Windows 8 and Mac iOS.  A user will temporarily be unable to authenticate  despite their login credentials  being correct.

We are unable to replicate the issue so it would be extremely helpful if anyone experiencing  this problem  could get in touch with Service Desk.  It will allow us to run realtime debugs  on the wireless infrastructure  to obtain diagnostic information our network  vendor (Cisco) has requested.

We understand how frustrating such issues can be so your help in obtaining the information is greatly appreciated .

Heartbleed – for IT professionals

More info IT specialists

Many of you will have seen the recent announcement in the news regarding a vulnerability named Heartbleed.

If not, you can find out about it here:

We were lucky enough to be informed about the vulnerability a few hours before most of the UK and as a result we were able to identify and patch many of our servers quickly. Those we didn’t get initially were later identified through persistent scanning.

This wasn’t an easy task, the ability to scan and identify affected servers with this new vulnerability took time to perfect and our specialists worked non-stop to find and patch the systems.

We have now patched all of our servers and are in the process of replacing certificates wherever necessary.