Month: June 2014

National Crime Agency – Two-week opportunity for UK to reduce your threat from malware

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has identified the next two weeks as an opportunity for the public to reduce their risk of a computer attack.

Action taken by the NCA has provided this unique opportunity to remove and prevent malware, particularly GOZeuS and CryptoLocker which have been responsible for fraud of up to hundreds of millions of pounds across the world. Thousands of computers across the UK are already affected and more are at risk. You should take action immediately.

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Windows storage – Access to files when remote working

Our Novell Netstore system (network storage, H:/ and S:/ drives) is no longer supported by the vendor and was not maintainable by UoD IT. In order to ensure that we can provide a high level of service to the whole University we are migrating our storage to Microsoft’s Windows Storage.

Following this migration you will have to access files in a different way from home. As a reminder, you must not access sensitive data from personal devices and if you need to work on this kind of data remotely then you should request a Managed Laptop from your line manager.

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Information Security Alert – Phishing email – Your Mailbox is Full Alert Notice – No: 97703

Users are reporting receipt of a phishing email with content:

Your Mailbox is Full
498MB   500MB
Current size    Maximum size
Your mailbox can no longer send messages. Please reduce your mailbox size. By Automatically clicking on CLEANUP<> <>  and fill out the necessary mailbox requirement to increase your mailbox Quota size.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You won’t be able to receive mail messages at 499MB.

ITS help desk

©Copyright 2014 Microsoft

This email has not been sent by the University of Dundee.  The link will direct you to an external website that will ask for your login and password details.

Please delete this email.

If you have followed the link and logged in, please change your password immediately via the Password Management Portal.

If you require further assistant please contact the Service Desk.