Issue using email – NHS – No: 111983

Update 25th November 2014

Some staff and external contacts continue to report an issue sending emails to University email addresses.

Mail delivery failure message: Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists: The recipient’s e-mail address was not found in the recipient’s e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.

Our technical team are working with our supplier and business partners within the NHS. We have established a work-around which can be carried out by the email sender.

  1. Open a new message
  2. Type the first few characters of the name of the person you wish to email
  3. When the list of suggested names appears (via autocomplete) move the mouse over the name
  4. Delete the name by clicking the ‘X’ next to it or highlighting it and pressing the delete button
  5. Type the email address manually e.g.
  6. Send the message.

An issue has arisen affecting email delivery between and  Our suppliers, Microsoft, have investigated and have provided a solution.  Users in the College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing have contacted appropriate users to raise awareness.

If you are affected by this incident please contact the Service Desk quoting incident 111983.