Month: May 2015

Resolved: Slow performance of CLS Computing Systems

This morning between 10:50-11:40am some of the CLS Computing Systems and Services ran slowly due to a technical error. Automated monitoring flagged this up to the team who investigated the issue, identified the root cause and corrected the problem.

All systems and services should now be running as normal. If any users are still having problems or would like further information, please get in touch with the CLS team via the usual paths.

Resolved – Intermittent Issues reported with Box response times

We are pleased to report that Box have advised us this intermittent issue with download speeds has now been resolved.

Some users are reporting intermittent issues with the response times from Box, our team of experts are currently looking into these reports and have escalated it to the support team at Box also – we are confident that we have have a resolution shortly – we will keep you posted on the progress as we get updated.

Updated – Reports of Word Press Issues

The team are happy to report they have all these blog sites operational again, but will monitor over the weekend to ensure everything remains stable.

The WordPress Server is currently experiencing issues, this is making it unstable this is affecting Blog.dundee, sites.dundee, dusa.dundee, sportsunion.dundee and apply.dundee. The servers team are looking into it and we will update you just as soon as we can.

Life Sciences virtual infrustructure upgrades

As you may be aware, our IT specialists have been upgrading the Life Sciences virtual infrastructure.

Our technical team have now successfully completed the final stage of the upgrade by updating the software on the server hosts which also included virtual server migrations.

This milestone now marks the completion of the schedule of works which has been successfully carried out with no interruption to service. We will continue to work on the virtual infrastructure over the coming weeks performing certain house-keeping tasks required after an upgrade of this magnitude. Some of these tasks will require a small amount of downtime for each Virtual Machine however this will be kept to a minimum and organised with the Virtual Machine owner.

If you have any queries regarding this matter please contact quoting change number 668.