Issue causing slowness when accessing external sites within University Network

DDoS attack disrupting Janet network

On Monday 7 December at 9.24 a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack caused unplanned disruption on the Janet network. Today we are seeing similar conditions. This is resulting in a potentially intermittent service for all customers. Janet network and computer security incident response teams (CSIRT) are currently working to resolve the problem.

This is impacting internet access including Box, Office3655/Outlook and other online services. Internal systems currently are not affected.

Janet Network Operations Centre (NOC) engineers working closely with CSIRT are implementing measures to reduce or stop the impact of these attacks. Each takes time to identify and to apply effective blocks. Once the blocks are applied the attack is brought under control but when this is spotted by the perpetrators the dynamics of the attacks change.

Janet are continuing to work and respond to the attacks and implement the least possible disruption to sites.

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