Spam Emails – Ref 167434

Several users are reporting receiving spam email appearing to have come from the following addresses:
jasper rasmussen

An email cannot corrupt your device on its own. Viruses can be hidden in attachments and these could corrupt your system when you run them. Remember not to run a program if you don’t know where it has come from and haven’t chosen to install it.

Please do not open these emails or attachments and delete immediately. Further advice is available here.

If you require more information please contact Service Desk and quote reference no 167434.

If you are affected by this:

On a Staff and Students Desktop
You do not need to do anything, if you have received these emails it is safe for you to ignore and delete them; please see advice here.
We have a very small number of students whose network stored files are affected after using a USB key – these will be restored from previous backups and you will be contacted individually.

On your personal equipment – Best Practice
Ensure you have the latest Antivirus software installed, available for all staff and students by us for you available here.
Store your files on BOX – these are then fully protected via version control.
Ensure your machine is fully patched for PC’s and MAC.
Install Anti-Malware Software (other versions are available).

On your personal equipment – if adversely affected
We can only recommend your PC is reformatted and rebuilt to guarantee complete removal. We appreciate this is a big step, so you could try:
A system restore – this will not help with your data only the operating system.
A Data Recovery Tool – may be able to restore your data from the Hard Drive.
Run a Full System Scan in McAfee.
Run a Complete Scan from your installed Anti-Malware Software.