Month: April 2016

Expect intermittent loss of internet access on Tuesday 03rd May

Scheduled maintenance will take place on Tuesday 03rd May between 18:30-21:30.

A series of changes will be made to the hardware responsible for the University’s online connection to external internet sites – i.e. our Border Gateway Router that links to the JANET network.

How will it affect me?
There will be a series of short service outages (x4) within the work window – each lasting a few seconds that will result in temporary loss of the University’s connection to the internet.

If you’re on-campus:
Access to external internet services will be affected – e.g. Office 365 (email),   Box, Facebook etc.
Access to internal services will be unaffected – e.g. My Dundee, eVision etc.

If you’re off-campus:
External connections into our network will be intermittently affected – e.g. people working from home, distance learners and vpn users.

This work is required for the successful implementation of the University’s new network.

Any questions?
Send your queries through the IT Service Desk, quoting change number 867.

Network performance issues related to repeated JANET DDoS attacks

Staff and students are experiencing intermittent performance issues on the University network. We’ve been receiving reports about slow access to internet based services (e.g. Box, O365, and even opening Office applications like word/excel).

This issue is because the external JANET network infrastructure is experiencing a further series of DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, this is out-with our control.

You can stay up-to-date with the JANET Status on the Jisc website.

WordPress Upgrade

WordPress, the University’s blogging service, will be upgraded to the most current, stable release (v4.5) on Tuesday 26th April between 08:00-09:00.

Administrators will be unable to access their WordPress site during this hour work window.

Benefits: Information on this enhancement and bug-fix release can be found on the official WordPress Blog.

If you have any queries regarding this change, please contact the IT Service Desk quoting change number 861.