Month: August 2016

Reports of Microsoft Outlook Client failing to connect

We have had some reports of users failing to connect using the Microsoft Outlook Client.

The University have raised this with Microsoft and are awaiting a response, as soon as this is available we will update this status.

In the short term could we ask you to use If you need further assistance please contact us via quoting reference #189261

Thank you.

Discovery Research Portal Upgrade

The University’s Discovery Research Portal (Pure server) will be upgraded on Monday 05 September 2016 between 07:00-08:00. The service will be unavailable during this hour window.

Why do we need to upgrade? To apply the latest bug fixes and enable download statistics to be exported to the Institutional Repository Usage Statistics UK (IRUS-UK).  This in turn allows us to comply with current regulations on making research data available more widely.

Got questions or comments? Contact the UoD IT Service Desk quoting change no 976.

Update your iPhones and iPads

iOS image

From The Register

“Apple has pushed out an emergency security update for iPhones, iPads and iPods after super sophisticated spyware was found exploiting three iOS vulnerabilities.

The iOS 9.3.5 upgrade plugs three holes that, according to researchers, are being used right now by the Pegasus surveillance kit – a powerful commercial malware package sold to governments for snooping on dissidents and journalists.

Pegasus exploits the bugs to inject itself into iThings. A victim simply has to click on a bad web link to start an infection. Once installed, Pegasus can read messages and emails, listen to calls, monitor social network posts, pull out Wi-Fi passwords, and so on. It essentially has comprehensive access to a poisoned handheld.”

Please see for more information about this update

Planned interruption to our Internet connection – Tuesday 30 August 6-7pm

Expect to experience issues getting online if you’re working on campus, or connecting to the University network from outside during the hours of 6pm to 7pm on Tuesday 30th August.

How will it affect me?

  • Off campus
    • You will experience disruption when using online University facilities and services.
  • On campus
    •  Access to external internet services will be affected e.g. Office 365 (email), Box, Facebook
    • Access to internal services will be unaffected e.g. My Dundee and eVision.


We will be replacing two components of our infrastructure  that will allow us to continue to roll out the University’s new, next-gen network.

Any questions?

If you experience any issues then please contact help4u (UoD IT Service Desk) remembering to quote the service desk reference number #187691.

If you want more information about the wider Network Refresh project then catch up with the project at the Network Refresh blog.

New wireless network in the main library (City campus) – Tuesday 30th August

We are pleased to announce that from 7am on Tuesday 30th August we will be switching over to the new wireless network in the main library on city campus. This new network will be faster and provide much wider coverage.

Other areas that have already been switched across to the new network are:

  • All Heathfield student residence areas
  • All Seabraes student residence areas
  • All Belmont flats student residence areas
  • All Belmont Towers student residence areas
  • West Park student residence areas

In these areas, all University students and staff should use eduroam to connect to the WiFi as UoD_WiFi will no longer be available.

UoD_WiFi will gradually disappear as we migrate more of the University across to the new network. This change does not affect the wired network in the main library.
A key part of this new network is the additional security it brings, which means there are steps that you must follow to enable your wireless devices to connect to the network.

Please visit this page for more information on how to connect your devices to the network.

UoD WiFi outage this morning

We experienced a short UoD WiFi outage this morning in the Main Campus Library and at West Park Residences.

Network Teams were quick to respond and restore service and can only apologise for the inconvenience caused.

This was caused by a failure of our old network infrastructure and we are delighted to say that the University has recognised this in its investment of our new network



RESOLVED Issues with H Drives , Saving and Printing Files


Update 15th August 15:50:

These issues were due to an error with the ‘DefendPoint’ application and this has now been resolved. Please could any affected users reboot their machines. Please contact the Service Desk if you continue to experience any problems accessing files or printing.

Some users are reporting issues issues with the printing and saving files from H drive and S drive. This is currently being investigated by members of UoD IT team – we will update you once these issues are resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience.

RESOLVED – HomeDrive Access Issues

This issue is now resolved. If you are still not connected, please try logging off and back in to reconnect. Or if you are running our new ‘Staff Desktop’, you can do this without logging off by clicking Start > Utilities > Reconnect My Drives.

We are currently experiencing problems with the University HomeDrives.  This may result in a delay to login time and an inability to connect to your H: drive share.

We are investigating as a priority and will keep you updated.