Changes to email login and password service

We’re making changes to UoD email on Wednesday 31 August that will affect your account.

The format of the username you need to use to sign in to your email is changing:

  • From e.g. jbloggs (standard username)
  • To e.g. (full username; email address without the dots)

Start using your full username (email address without the dots) alongside your usual UoD password when prompted for your sign-in credentials from the 31 August onwards.

Add info to use the self-service password reset feature
This change will introduce a new, improved way for you to reset your UoD password, so you can take control if you forget it in future. To use it, click on “Set it up now” once you’ve given your login details at the online* sign-in page, and add information to ensure you don’t lose access to your email again.

This tool is different to the password change service, which we ask you to use annually to create a new password for security reasons.

If you’re an applicant planning to study at UoD, the reset tool will appear in your email account once it is converted to a student one. You should contact UoD IT if you forget your password until then.

How reset will work
Just like any other self-serve reset service you’ve used online. You will be asked to re-confirm your information and verify a code issued to your personal email or phone (whichever you pick at set-up).

*Read if you use the Outlook email client (mostly staff)
You will need to sign in to the online version of UoD email to store your information and set up your password reset feature once first. If prompted for your credentials by the Outlook Client in future, ensure you use your full username (e.g. and usual UoD password.

Got questions or comments?
Please contact the UoD IT Service Desk quoting change number 959.