Having trouble with VPN?

Update | 22 September 2016

The Cisco VPN service was successfully recovered yesterday afternoon and appears to be working as usual. We will continue to investigate a means of ensuring the service continues to remain stable and reliable until its eventual replacement as part of the Network Refresh project.

Many thanks for your patience.

Update | 21 September 2016

Yesterday the Cisco VPN service stopped working.

Troubleshooting has confirmed that the VPN appliance itself is operating fine, but the back-end Cisco authentication of users is the faulty component. We are presently working on trying to re-direct the RADIUS authentication requests to another server, but we are experiencing some interoperability issues with this. The 12-year old unsupported VPN service doesn’t seem to play well in a modern environment.

Please do understand we are working hard to resolve this and will provide an update here as soon as we have a solution in place.

If you are affected by this please contact us at: uod.ac.uk/help4u noting call ID # 194644

Original message |  20 September 2016

We are aware that people attempting to use the University’s VPN service to gain off-campus access to internal resources are having problems. The team are currently investigating the matter, although at present, a time-frame for resolution cannot be given. Updates will be added to this post as they arise, but for now, we’ve given a bit of context about this issue below.

VPN at a glance
Our existing VPN forms part of the old Cisco network and is 12 years old. We are working to replace it with a new, fit-for-purpose, modern tool.

Why refreshing our network is the true fix
The ageing nature of the current network and its related components make it difficult to identify the root cause of issues that arise with it. We are actively replacing the University’s network and in achieving the projects goals, a robust infrastructure that is feasibly supportable will be delivered. This includes a new, compatible VPN that will allow for more reliable remote access.

The network refresh changes will offer a

  • New wireless network providing a faster, more reliable, wider coverage and a consistent connection speed across campus.
  • New wired network providing a more reliable and consistent service across campus.
  • More modern, energy efficient, network infrastructure, leading to a reduction in the University’s emissions output and carbon footprint.
  • New and consistent security design across both wired and wireless networks.

More information on the Network Refresh can be found on the project blog