eVision and SITS Client upgrade | 21-23 Nov 2016

A message from the University’s Student Systems Steering Group

The eVision portal and SITS Client will be upgraded and therefore offline:

  • From Mon 21 Nov, 07:00
  • To Wed 23 Nov, 17:00

Summary of who uses them, for what

  • Applicants use eVision to manage their UoD application.
  • Students use eVision to update their personal details and check things like their exam results and tuition fee balance.
  • Many staff members use the SITS Client to manage student details and some use eVision to carry out administrative and reporting functions.

How will this impact me?
You will be unable to log in to either of these systems for a period of 3 days whilst they’re in upgrade-mode.

eVision – what you’ll get from the upgrade
You’ll have a much better experience when using eVision on the-go because it will work better on mobile phones and tablets, resizing to fit the screen of whatever tech gadget you’re using to access it. The portal will look very different, especially for students and applicants, but should be intuitive enough for you to navigate to what you need.

Sneak peek previews

  • Student & applicants views: The team have been working extra hard to completely revamp your interface.
  • Staff view: The most notable difference is the things you used to access via the left hand side are now tucked away in the top menu bar.

If you’re a staff member that is also a student/applicant, please do bear in mind you have two separate eVision accounts linked to your separate login credentials – that means you get to interact with both views first-hand!

SITS Client [staff only] – what you’ll get from the upgrade
Enhancements that assist with specific administrative tasks in the SITS Client will be gained. The staff members they relate to have been involved in the testing process of these functions.

The team pass on their thanks in advance for your patience during the upgrade period. This essential work will not only deliver a more modern, responsive design to a major University system, but will also ensure both platforms stay in support and allow us to continue to meet our statutory obligations as an institution.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, please contact the Service Desk (change ref #no 979).