A positive breakthrough | Update on performance issues with Microsoft applications & saving to shared drives

As the main University diet has now finished,  IT are able to pro-actively able to start on the work we know is required to resolve this issue.

Our senior technical engineers are now able to complete the work, maintenance and upgrades  required to mitigate this complex issue, our suppliers are assisting implement maintenance that was not possible to complete during exam diet.

We will post an update on the results of this work as soon as possible but do be assured we are giving it our full attention, and we do apologize for the inconvenience we know this has caused.


We are pleased to say IT Engineers have now identified the source of this problem and a plan of action to re-establish quality desktop performance has been pulled together, ready for implementation.

When will the fix be applied?
Safeguarding the ongoing examination diet is the University’s highest priority right now, so we aim to deploy the permanent fix towards the end of the month to prevent any impact to student experience.

What are we doing in the meantime?
The team have started to apply temporary changes to individual accounts that alleviate symptoms. Please make contact if you are heavily affected and would like to be prioritised in this process. The impact of these interim changes is outlined below.

How will this temporary fix affect me?
Temporary changes will mainly impact staff members who hot-desk (share workstations and computers) as many of your personal settings will be lost – i.e. they will not travel with you between the computers you log-on to. Things like Firefox favourites will need to copied locally (if used) by you to prevent this loss. For staff who do not hot-desk, impact should be minimal.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those staff who have been affected by this ongoing issue for their continued cooperation. Your engagement has really been instrumental in determining root cause.

More information will follow on plans to implement the permanent fix and the impact this will have.

As ever, please do get in touch with IT via Help4U with any questions or if you require assistance in relation to this issue and quote 1704-3524.