Month: June 2017

Ransomware – Be Vigilant Please

You will see widespread news reports regarding ransomware affecting organisations across the world.

We have tested and deployed access protection proactive measures, which will protect all staff and student desktops as advised by our vendor, however, please:

Educate yourself
An email cannot corrupt your device on its own, you have to interact with it. Think:

  • When you receive an email to your University account, consider if you were expecting correspondence on that topic, from that recipient. If you weren’t, and the message is calling for you to act either by sending information, clicking on an active link, or downloading an attachment, first ask the IT Service Desk to confirm its legitimacy.
  • Never tick/check enable macros on attachments, unless you explicitly need to and trust the sender.
  • Don’t run a program if you don’t know where it has come from and you have not chosen to install it yourself.

Further advice can be found on the Information Security website section.

Getting help
UoD IT staff are available 09:00-22:00 Mon-Fri and 10:00-22:00 Sat-Sun. Please log a call for assistance via Help4U if you have any concerns.

My Dundee Upgrade | July 2017

The University’s learning platform, My Dundee, will be unavailable from Mon 17- Fri 21 July due to upgrade.

Please ensure you download any teaching/study resources you may need over this period before the start date of the change.

Why are we upgrading?
Primarily to maintain compliance with our support agreement. The CTIL team continue to evaluate new features to determine which may be enabled/promoted and updates on this can be reached here.

If you have specific module delivery concerns or questions, please contact Help4U quoting change reference C1704-054.

📅 Download the event and add to your email calendar

Microsoft Office Slowness

Update: Wed 26 July, Time 11:45

The dedicated problem team have identified where this issue is coming from. We are currently working with Microsoft to try and fix the root cause. In the meantime, the problem team have created a ‘workaround’ which will help return you to normal operation. Should you continue to be affected by this issue, please contact to have the workaround applied.

Update: Wed 28 June, Time 11:50

We have an IT group that meets on a daily basis to consider ongoing lines of enquiry and there are a number of activities currently being undertaken to help either identify the root cause or to eliminate various lines of enquiry.  This group is now chaired by Julie Christie (Assistant Director) and this matter continues to be a top priority for us.  
There are two main sets of activities we are carrying out:
1.        Gathering more data: all calls logged in connection with this major incident are being reviewed again to reconfirm the symptoms users are reporting and to collect additional details about the computer in question, the applications being used and the behaviour of these applications.  
For users this may involve the Service Desk getting in touch to confirm some facts and it would be helpful to have your cooperation with this.
2.        Testing different computers: the team have deployed three types of computers (built in different ways) to six groups from across the University to check what works and what needs further investigation. We should know within 1-2 days whether any of these approaches work or will eliminate other possible causes. 
We have found that some users are understandably reticent to ‘volunteer’ to help with testing but it’s for an important reason. If you are willing and able to help with testing please get in touch.  
If you would like more detailed information about what we are testing and which data we are collecting or more information about the things we have eliminated or resolved through this enquiry please contact the Service Desk.
Thank you for your ongoing patience.

Update: Fri 02 Jun, Time 16:30

Now examinations have passed, the IT team are able to start pro-actively addressing this issue so that staff can return to a quality PC performance.

Way forward
Testing has identified a small collection of factors that may be contributing to the overall problem. Achieving the permanent fix will, therefore, involve applying a number of progressive changes – both in isolation and in multiple combinations until stable service is reinstated.

How can I help?

  • If you are an affected staff member, your cooperation is key. Each time a change is applied we need to communicate with you to determine its outcome.
  • As an aside, the team are focusing efforts on desktops. Evidence suggests laptops are not affected by this issue, but if you believe yours is, please do contact the IT Service Desk if you haven’t already done so quoting call # 1704-3524

Any changes that will result in a known impact will be communicated with you prior to application.

We understand this may be frustrating and would like to assure you your engagement with this process is not only very much appreciated, but also instrumental in restoring service to you and the wider staff community.


Performance Issues with Microsoft Applications & Saving to Shared Drives

i-GRasp (eRecruitment application) update

i-GRasp will be unavailable for up to 4 hours on the evening of Wed 28 Jun between 18:00-22:00 to allow for an update to be applied.

What impact will this have?
You will be unable to login to the application during this time. Lumesse (the providers of iGrasp) will be displaying a maintenance page during this period of downtime, which will remain in place should the work extend beyond 22:00.

Need help?
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U quoting ref #C1706-028.
Similarly, get in touch should you encounter any issues with the application once the update has been applied.

Phishing Scam: ‘FW: Urgent Attention Required.’

Some users are receiving emails with the Subject: FW: Urgent Attention Required.

These emails look like they are coming from a member of staff within the University – the content is “You have received a secured document “Outstanding Payment”. To view the document click here.”

Do NOT click on the link provided. If you have clicked on the link, please reset your password straight away.

If you have any queries, please contact Help4U.

JTrac | Service maintenance

The IT Student Systems team has identified the need for maintenance on the JTrac platform.

When will it take place?
Work will start at 13:00 on 14 Jun 2017 and is expected to be short in nature (only a few minutes and lasting no more than one hour).

What impact will this have?
JTrac will be unavailable to all users during this time and you will be logged out if actively using it while the work is taking place.

Why are we doing it?
To make the platform more reliable by moving it to the University’s new authentication system.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U (ref C1705-014).

The Enquiry Centre Network Migration

The Enquiry Centre will be migrated across to the new network on Thu 15 Jun. The following areas will be affected at the listed time:

  • 13:00 – 15:00 | Enquiry Centre & foyer of DUSA

You may find your device becomes active prior to the completion time if situated in this building on the day. If this does occur, your network service should still be considered ‘at risk’ up until 18:00 on Thur.

There will be no access to the wired and wifi network (inc internet access) in these areas at the indicated times. Migrations will affect all client devices such as PCs and laptops, printers, building management systems etc connected to the University network.

Follow the guidance below to re-establish your computers’ wired connection afterwards:

  • Unmanaged computers
    • You will need to enable 802.1x authentication on your wired network connection post-migration. Download the Windows / macOS X / Linux instructions to your desktop beforehand to help you do this.
  • Managed computers (e.g. Staff Desktop)
    • Take no action for these devices post-migration. They should automatically connect to the new wired network, but may need to be rebooted if they have been switched on throughout the change.

If you need a refresh on how to connect your device to the new wifi (eduroam), visit the Get Connected website page for students and staff.

Reporting issues / getting help
Please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U once the work is complete (ref C1705-058).

All Enquiry Centre activities will run on the University’s new, next-generation network following successful migration.

Read more about this project on the Network Refresh Blog.