Fake student loan emails

New or returning student? Please be cautious with your emails. Fraudsters have been targeting students across the UK with the email phishing scam pictured below:

This is not a genuine communication, as can be seen by the many errors included in the text. It is designed to trick you into giving up your personal information, which may then be used to defraud or steal your identity. Do not click on any of the links if you receive it and report it to us before deleting from your inbox.

Did you receive this and act on it?
Paul Mason, Executive Director of Repayments and Counter Fraud, said: “We will never request a student’s personal or banking details by email or text message. Anyone who receives a scam email about student finance should send it to us at phishing@slc.co.uk in addition to reporting it to Action Fraud, as this allows us to close the site down and stop students from being caught out.

More information about this phishing scam can be reached on the Action Fraud website.