Month: December 2017

Mail Phishing / Spam

UoDIT is aware of more phishing emails being received by staff at the University.


Subject: Final Warning: Upgrade your account Mail Update!


Please remain vigilant and please do not click any links in these emails and do not interact with the email if you have received it and delete from your inbox immediately.

Did you click?

  • If you have supplied your credentials or personal information, change your password immediately.
  • If the device you used when interacting with it is University-owned (i.e. a Student / Staff Desktop), please contact the IT Service Desk for advice.
  • If the device you used when interacting with it is your own (i.e. a personal device), we advise that you run an anti-malware software from a reputable source and perform a scan on your device yourself.

Educate yourself
The most common phishing attack method is by emails. These authentic-looking messages, usually called phishing scams, are designed to exploit information from the recipients; either by asking them to reply to an email message or by clicking on a link/attachment within the email.

These emails cannot corrupt your device on its own, you have to interact with it. Think:

  • When you receive an email to your University account, consider if you were expecting correspondence on that topic, from that recipient. If you weren’t, and the message is calling for you to act either by sending information, clicking on an active link, or downloading an attachment, first ask the IT Service Desk to confirm its legitimacy.
  • Never tick/check enable macros on attachments, unless you explicitly need to and trust the sender.
  • Don’t run a program if you don’t know where it has come from and you have not chosen to install it yourself
  • Do not provide your username and password, especially if you have any concern over the legitimacy of an email

Further advice can be found on the Information Security website section.

Getting help
UoD IT staff are available 09:00-22:00 Mon-Fri and 10:00-22:00 Sat-Sun. Please log a call for assistance via Help4U if you have any concerns.

Online Timetabling

We will be carrying out work on the Online Timetabling on Mon 11 Dec at 15:00


Although access may not be affected for all users, the service should be seen as at-risk until 16:00.


The maintenance work will address issues raised by users and allow us to support the service in a more reliable way.

Further information

If you require any more information regarding this change (C1709-034), please contact

Adobe License – Fix Available in Self Service

If you are unable to access Adobe apps and receive an error message regarding ‘signing in’ or a license – please go to Software Centre (available only on managed PCs) and run “Adobe Creative Cloud Re-Licence”

Running this will apply a new licence and you will then be able to launch Adobe products.

If you are using a Mac, the same fix is available in Self-Service

If you are using a non-managed device, you will have to contact the Service Desk for assistance.

My Dundee will be down on Fri 5 Jan

My Dundee will be taken offline for maintenance on the morning of Fri 5 Jan 2018. The service
should be restored and made available to you later the same day, though there will be an ‘at risk’
period that extends to Mon 8 Jan.

At risk?
The maintenance period should be limited to Fri 5, but as with any major technical activity, it is possible that an unforeseen issue will arise. Because of the weekend, downtime may extend through to Mon 8.

What and who will this effect?
My Dundee and all services delivered through it will be unavailable to all during the downtime. Anyone trying to access will be shown a notice explaining the situation.

Any questions about this downtime can be sent through Help4U.

Power supply work affecting Tower Building

Essential work on the power supply to the main Tower Building comms room will take place on Tue 12 Dec between 07:00 – 08:00.

Impact: An hour-long power outage will take place that affects all areas from Level 2 upwards (excluding Tower Extension). Both the wired and wifi network will be unavailable in these areas at that time.

Why? To resolve a fault and ensure a continuous, stable power source is in place.