Changes to your Junk Email folder

We’re making changes to the email system that will improve the filter on your Junk Email Folder from Wed 25 Apr.

If you don’t already do so, you need to start checking and managing your Junk Email folder regularly. Most emails diverted to this folder will be junk and spam/phishing, but some legitimate emails may be sent there too.

What to do with spam/phishing emails you find in this folder
Report these emails to Microsoft using the instructions in our web guide before deleting from your Deleted folder.

What to do with any legitimate emails you find in this folder
Right-click the email and mark as Not junk to divert the email to your Inbox folder. All emails you receive from that sender will go to your Inbox from then on. Further instructions can be found in our web guide.

This will reduce the amount of fraudulent emails that make it into your Inbox, decreasing the likelihood you’ll interact with them.

Getting help
If you have any issues or questions, please contact the Service Desk (C1804-007).