Moving our mobile phone contracts from EE to O2

All staff members with a mobile phone on an EE contract will transfer to the O2 network week commencing 26 June 2018.

We have sent out emails to all EE users informing you of whether your mobile phone contract will be:

  • Transferred to O2, or
  • Terminated prior to the transfer

If we’re transferring your EE mobile phone contract to O2

Step 1. Fill out the compulsory acknowledgement form that was emailed to you before 21 June. Let us know where you want to pick your new SIM card up from in the form (or let us know you can’t).

Step 2. Back up your contacts. If you’ve saved your contacts to your SIM card, be sure to back them up to your phone so they don’t get lost.

Step 3. Get your SIM card. We can fit your new SIM card into your phone on the 26 June – it should only take five to ten minutes. If you’re at a meeting, you can give your phone to a colleague to give to the Service Desk on your behalf.

If we’re terminating your EE mobile phone contract

Step 1. Back up your contacts and information. Once you give your phone back, you’ll not be able to access any data stored on it again. Be sure to go through your phone and back up everything you need.

Step 2. Remote wipe your phone. Secure Mobile Working (Company Portal App) should be installed on your phone, given it’s compulsory. You can either:

  • use it to factory reset your phone yourself, or
  • let us know this is still to be done when you drop it off

Step 3. Drop off your phone at an IT Service Point. Visit the IT website to find the nearest Service Point to you. If you aren’t able to drop-off your phone, let us know by replying to this message.

Exceptions if you’re outside the UK

Staff members outside of the UK during the week commencing 26 June will not be affected. They may be affected once they return to the UK and reconnect to a UK signal. This means that between the time of arriving back in the UK and returning to campus to receive a new SIM card, the staff member may have no access to their phone and should plan accordingly.


If you have an EE mobile phone contract and aren’t sure what will happen to your phone

Contact your School Manager or Head of Professional Service.


Reporting issues and getting help

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Service Desk.