Life Sci Network Outage

An emergency change will be applied to the firewall service  at 12.30pm today Monday 29/10/18 to try and restore full access.

Update Monday 29/10/18

It appears there are still some issues following on from the UPS power failure on Friday 26th October.

Our teams are currently investigating this as a matter of urgency.

Intermittent symptoms currently reported are:


Issues with IP Phones.

Issues accessing external internet content, internal content is available but may experience slowness and be quite intermittent.

Issues accessing email (Outlook and Webmail)

Access to Moodle.

Access to Filemaker

Access to \\homes\homes\ – intermittent

Access to BOX

An issue with access on the Life Sci network was identified last night at around 8.37PM. This may affect all external access to and from the Life Sci network.

Our engineers are on-site this morning and investigating possible power issues at the Life Sci core and are working as quickly as they can to restore service.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

UPDATE 13.50

The cause of the outage has been determined as a failure within the Uninterruptible Power Supply in the JBC Data Centre.

We are now carefully in a planned fashion recovering all the systems that suffered from the unplanned loss of power and ensure that we follow the correct power on sequence to minimise possible data loss; whilst this will mean there is longer without service in the short term this approach is essential to ensure we do not compromise the data.

UPDATE 17.00

The Uninterruptible Power Supply has been replaced and is now fully operational and protecting the load.  We have replaced various pieces of equipment that failed during the outage from our onsite spares and we have restored all services to production status. It may be that some individual systems have issues that we have missed so in that case please raise calls in the usual manner and we can address them.