Ninewells network migrations

Areas of Ninewells Campus will be migrated across to the new network in November. Migrations start at 07:00 and end at 18:00. The following areas are likely to be affected on the dates given below:

  • Tue 06 Nov – Lab Block (inc Tannis Drummond), Corridors 5J, 5M, 6M, 7M, and 7P
  • Wed 07 Nov – Lab Block, Corridors 5, 5G, and 5H
  • Thu 08 Nov – Level 10 and Diabetes Centre
  • Tue 13 – Wed 14 Nov – Teaching Lecture Theatres, Teaching Rooms, and UoD Library
  • Tue 20 Nov – Corridors 6G, 6L, and 7L
  • Wed 21 Nov – Corridors 5H, 5L, and 6G
  • Thu 22 Nov – Corridor 5 (Resource Unit)
  • Tue 27 – Fri 30 Nov – Lab Block

Your network service should be considered at risk across the series of migrations.

Impact: There will be no internet access in these areas on the specific days indicated above. Migrations will affect all client devices such as PCs, laptops, printers, desk phones, building management systems etc. connected to the University network. Work will continue in the days following the migration to restore connectivity to anything that needs extra help to get back online.

Actions for you once the work is complete
Follow the guidance below to re-establish your computers wired (ethernet) connection:

  • Unmanaged computers
    You will need to enable 802.1x authentication on your wired network connection post-migration. Go to the IT webpage to source the instructions you need.
  • Managed computers (Staff Desktops) 
    Take no action for these devices post-migration. They should automatically connect to the new wired network but may need to be rebooted if they have been switched on throughout the change.

UoD_WiFi will disappear in your area. Connect to eduroam wifi using your full username ( thereafter.


Reporting issues/getting help: Please contact the Service Desk online or by phone on extension 88000 once the work is complete.

Read more about this project on the Network Refresh webpage.