Kaltura maintenance

If you use Kaltura, you may experience service disruption between the 20-25 Dec (starts 16:00 UTC – ends 04:00 UTC) while the vendor undertakes a planned change.

Kaltura will extend their West Cost Data Center (DC) cage capacity and upgrade their network infrastructure. During this maintenance, all production traffic will be served from their East Coast Data Center. A short interruption in live stream service is expected. Kaltura will update the status of the work at status.kaltura.com.

If you’re live streaming only to the West Coast Data Center, be advised that fallback to the West Coast Data Center during traffic shift will not take place, resulting in live stream termination.

You’re advised to configure your encoder to stream to the East Coast Data Center as a back-up to ensure a smooth experience. For best practices and instructions on setting up the encoder, review the best practices guides.