Month: January 2019

Questionmark OnDemand Maintenance

Questionmark OnDemand will be updated on Sat 19th January between 07:00 and 13:00.

During the time above, staff authoring assessments and students taking assessments will experience service disruption. This also includes assessments taken through MyDundee that use the Questionmark OnDemand service.

This update will ensure the ongoing reliability, security, and uptime of the platform.

Reporting issues and getting help
If you have any questions about the update, please contact the Service Desk.

Medical Sciences Institute (MSI) Network Migrations

MSI will be migrated across to the new wired network on the w/b Mon 21 Jan. Migrations start at 08:00 and end at 18:00. The following areas are likely to be affected at the times given below:

North East Section of MSI (All floors), Tues 22 Jan
Departments/Divisions understood to be in this area:

  • Dundee Imaging Facility
  • Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery
  • Division of Cell and Developmental Biology

South Section of MSI (All Floors), Wed 23 Jan
Departments/Divisions understood to be in this area:

  • MRC Reagents
  • Division of Molecular Microbiology
  • Division of Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Division of Cell and Developmental Biology / Daan Van Aalten Team

Some additional work may progress over to the following day for this migration.

North West Section of MSI (All floors), Thu 24 Jan
Departments/Divisions understood to be in this area:

  • SLS Finance
  • SLS HR
  • NPSC

Keep the following in mind
You may find your device becomes active prior to the completion time. If this does occur, your network service should still be considered ‘at risk’ up until 18:00.

Whilst the replacement of the network equipment should be completed on the day of migration, some devices (such as printers etc.) may need further configuration once the network equipment has been replaced, therefore it is possible that work to update such devices is carried out on subsequent days.

There will be no access to the wired network (inc internet access) in these areas at the indicated times. Every effort will be made to ensure the wireless service remains active during wired migrations, however a short period of downtime may be required depending on the situation on the day. Migrations will affect all client devices such as PCs and laptops, printers, building management systems etc connected to the University network.

Actions – if you’re using a:
Unmanaged computer
You need to enable 802.1x authentication on your wired network connection. This is something you can do prior to or right after the migration. Instructions to help you do this for your OS (Windows, macOS, or Linux) can be reached on the IT website.
Managed computers (Staff Desktop)
Take no action for these devices post-migration. They should automatically connect to the new wired network but may need to be rebooted if they have been switched on throughout the change.If you need a refresh on how to connect your device to eduroam, which is already available in Life Sciences, visit the connect to eduroam wifi website guide.

Reporting issues / getting help

Once the work is complete, contact the Service Desk by phone on extension 88000 or online via Help4U.

All MSI activities will run on the University’s new, next-generation network following the successful migrations.

Struggling to log into My Dundee?

Read through the scenarios given in CTIL’s My Dundee Login Issues blog post to try and resolve the problem yourself before reporting it to IT. Things you can try and check include restarting your browser, clearing your browser cache, using a different browser and making sure you use the big green sign in button. You’ll also find guidance if having difficulty logging into the Blackboard app.

If you’re still unable to log in after this contact the Service Desk.

Delayed emails from My Dundee

Emails sent from My Dundee have been delayed and are now starting to come through to your inboxes. You may see this error “This sender might be impersonating a domain that’s associated with your organization”

What’s happening?
Significant numbers of emails sent from My Dundee, including both module and major system announcements, have been identified by Microsoft servers as spam. they have therefore been blocked, meaning that many users have not received these messages.

UoD IT have worked with Microsoft to release these blocked emails and have now released them. This has resulted in a backlog of emails coming out. This means that you may get emails that should have been received as long ago as the 2 Jan 2019.

A temporary solution has been put in place and the emails that had been blocked over the last two weeks have now been released. This does however mean that many of you will receive delayed emails.

A long term solution is being put in place by UoD IT, working with our vendors Blackboard and Microsoft. We expect this to be resolved today.

We have no reason to believe that any emails or announcements have been lost.

Release of examination results: January 2019

With the December diet of examinations behind us, many students are keen to know their examination results.

Plans are now being made for the publication of results on Friday 11 January 2019. Due to the higher than normal demand our servers typically experience around this time of year, results will be released in a controlled manner in accordance with server traffic.

To check if results are available in eVision for your particular School, you should first check this page on the day. Further details will be added to this page in due course.

Friday 11 January | Real-time exam issue updates

  1. 10:08. Students in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SNHS) and School of Medicine (SMED) can now access their exam results via eVision.
  2. 11:09. Students in the School of Humanities (SHUM) and School of Dentistry (SDEN) can now access their exam results via eVision.
  3. 11:48. Students in the School of Life Sciences (SLSC) and School of Art and Design (SDAD) can now access their exam results via eVision
  4. 12:31. Students in the School of Education and Social Work (SESW) and School of Science and Engineering (SSEN) can now access their exam results via eVision.
  5. 15:59. Students in the School of Social Sciences (SSOC) can now access their exam results via eVisionwith the exception of undergraduate Law modules – these will be released by 17:00 today. 
  6. 16:00. Students in the Academic Skills Centre (PSTU) can now access their exam results via eVision.
  7. 16:39. Students awaiting undergraduate Law module results from the School of Social Sciences (SSOC) can now access their exam results via eVision.

If you’re unable to view your results in eVision, try logging out, fully closing your web browser (all tabs), and logging back into eVision. The exam results options should then appear.

Operation exam results issue complete! Many thanks for your patience.

AppsAnywhere upgrade on One Dundee Desktop

AppsAnywhere, the app store you launch your software from on the One Dundee Desktop (Windows 10), will be upgraded on Wed 9 Jan between 10:00-13:00.

AppsAnywhere will be unavailable on One Dundee Desktop computers, including student PC’s in Library zones. Only a very basic provision of apps (Microsoft Office, Edge/Chrome, and Adobe Reader for example) will be available to use during the work window. To launch and run apps from the limited range on the day, go into the Start Menu.

The upgrade will result in performance and accessibility navigation improvements, as well as expanded device support to allow for the future availability of AppsAnywhere on BYOD / personal devices.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, contact the Service Desk (ref #C1811-074).