Month: May 2019

New campus network certificate

Connected to our wired or wifi network on campus before? If yes, you accepted our network certificate the first time you did this on each of your personal and non-managed devices.

The time has come for this certificate to be renewed. It will be replaced on Thu 23 May.

Once this change is made, you may have to accept the new certificate on your devices when next connecting them to eduroam – expect to see a pop-up window appear and ensure you take action.

Some devices may not prompt at all (certain Android devices, for example) and the certificate will apply in the background without you noticing. Managed University desktops will be unaffected.

You will receive a direct email to your account shortly, which contains more detail.

RESOLVED: Dialling NHS numbers at Ninewells

We are currently dealing with an issue at Ninewells campus where University IP phones are unable to dial NHS phone numbers, normally users would dial a number with a preceding ‘2’ to connect.

This issue is being dealt with as a top priority and we will keep this post updated with any progress. We are tracking this issue with reference number 1905-2396.


Generating usernames in different format for new staff

The University’s staff account creation process is scheduled to change on Tue 14 May. Usernames generated for new staff joining us will have a different format (combination of name and unique number) from then on.

A similar change was applied to the student account creation process earlier in the year, so you will start to see students arrive with different username formats (reflect matriculation / student ID numbers) too – some are already here and studying with us.

If you are a current student or staff member with the old format of username, your email address will be unaffected.

Read the project page to find out what the new username formats are and why these changes were necessary.

Resolved: Access to SITS

We are currently investigating an issue with SITS where some users are unable to log in to the system.

We are recording this incident with reference number 1905-1054 and will update this post with progress.

Service Unavailable – Administrative Access To Sateon Door Access System

Administrative  access to the Sateon Door Access System is currently unavailable. However, swipe door access to buildings remains unaffected as this time.

We are working with our 3rd Party providers to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.  Should you wish to log a call with the Service Desk regarding this outage please email referencing  call number 1905-0929.