Month: September 2019

Pecos Gateway

OneUniversity Finance – Update on PECOS Gateway Issue 

PECOS Gateway Web Catalogue issue has now been resolved. Users can now access this Web Catalogue.

If you experience any further issues with OneUniversity, please raise a call via Help4U (


We are aware that there is currently an issue in connecting with the PECOS Gateway Web Catalogue. We have raised this with the provider of Pecos as an urgent issue, which we hope to be resolved soon.

In the meantime users will be unable to access the Pecos Gateway. Please raise requisitions to gateway suppliers as ad-hoc until advised otherwise. Update will follow in due course.

Updated please note below – Service Disruption: OneUniversity Finance PO Issue


OneUniversity Finance – Update on Purchase Order Issue

The issue with the non-transmission of purchase orders to suppliers has now been resolved.  Any purchase orders affected by this issue are now being transmitted and verified with the suppliers. We anticipate that this activity will be completed by close of business Friday 13 September.

If you experience any further issues with OneUniversity, please raise a call via Help4U (


We are currently investigating an issue with OneUniversity Finance that is preventing Purchase Orders from being transmitted to the suppliers.

We are currently exploring options with the third party supplier to restore full service as soon as possible. All transactions that have failed to be transmitted to suppliers will be sent again once the situation is resolved, and we will be contacting those suppliers to confirm receipt.

This post will be updated with progress and are tracking the issue with reference number 1909-3543

Self Service Password Reset Prompts

Have you set up Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) before?

If you have registered two methods of authentication methods with us in the past, normally a mobile number and a personal email address, it means if you ever forget your password you can reset it without needing to contact UoDIT for assistance. Once a year you will be prompted to check the details you have registered to make sure that they are up to date. As we have just passed another anniversary since going live with SSPR, you may find you are being prompted for these checks around now.

Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal behaviour. Please check your details and amend if necessary then you are go to go for another year. However, if you have any questions or are unsure of the process, please contact the Service Desk via the Self Service Portal –

If you have never registered your details via SSPR please take the time to do so. The tool lets you take control if you forget your password or need to change it. Take a minute to add your details by clicking on Set it up now at the webmail login page –