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JTrac | Service maintenance

The IT Student Systems team has identified the need for maintenance on the JTrac platform.

When will it take place?
Work will start at 13:00 on 14 Jun 2017 and is expected to be short in nature (only a few minutes and lasting no more than one hour).

What impact will this have?
JTrac will be unavailable to all users during this time and you will be logged out if actively using it while the work is taking place.

Why are we doing it?
To make the platform more reliable by moving it to the University’s new authentication system.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U (ref C1705-014).

P3 System Update

P3 will be unavailable for a short period of time on the morning of Mon 22 May between 07:00 – 09:00 to allow for an update to be applied.

Please do not login to P3 during the maintenance window and wait until you’ve received notification on the day to advise that it’s OK to do so.

This down time may impact your ability to run reports from COGNOS.

Contact Help4U with any questions or concerns (ref C1704-058).

Intermittent Problems with iGrasp – Dundee Jobs Portal

Update at 2.56pm (4/4/2017): iGrasp issues have been resolved and the system is back up and running normally once more.

What is happening?

We have been advised by Lumesse (the providers of iGRasp) that there have been intermittent issues with the iGRasp application over the weekend.

Who is affected?

Both Front End – candidate facing, and Back End – User accounts

What are UoD IT doing?

Lumesse (our supplier) are actively monitoring the situation and working towards a fix.  Please check back to this page to see the latest updates.


Update at 8.33am (4/4/2017): Suppliers Lumesse are still testing and working on the issue with iGrasp.

Update at 4.49pm (03/04/2017):  iGrasp issues are still being worked on by our suppliers, Lumesse.

Turnitin — “No space left on device”

— Turnit-in —

Limited number of users experiencing an issue with submissions in Turnitin. Reporting the following error:

“No space left on the device”

Our engineers are aware of the issue and are investigating to find a resolution.

We hope to find a resolution soon, but if concerned about submission deadlines students are advised to consult their Course Leader.


— Update — 30/3/2017 @ 12:20

We have found that for a number of users that the issue is a local one which can be resolved by a  reset of the browser cache.

Instructions to reset browser cache:

Some users have also resolved the issue by using a different browser.


— Update — 30/3/2017 @ 13:20 —

Root cause of the issue has now been identified and resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused during this time.

P3 System Unavailable – Thursday and Friday

UoDIT – Business Systems have confirmed that P3 will be unavailable from 8am 30/03/2017 (Thursday) to allow for the database to be updated and the required patches applied.

Please do not log into P3 during 30/03/2017 and 31/03/2017 (Thursday and Friday) and please do not login until you receive notification that you can log back in.

Should you be a COGNOS user, please note that this down time may also impact your ability to run reports which use P3 data.



— Update: 31/3/ @ 15:40 —

We are pleased to confirm that the P3 database upgrade and patching has been completed.

P3 is back up and running and available for login.

Should you have any problems, or issues/queries, please log a call with the UoDIT Service Desk in the first instance.

PECOS System Down

Users are experiencing ‘this page cannot be displayed’ when trying to access the PECOS login page.

The issue is being looked at as a matter of urgency with UoDIT and 3rd Party support.

Updates will be posted here when available.


RESOLVED We have received confirmation from 3rd Party support that the PECOS access issue is now resolved and users should be able to access the login page and navigate as normal.