Category: Desktops

Restart of Windows Desktops

All Windows Desktop users are being prompted to restart their computer. If you are receiving this prompt, please save your work and follow the command.

Why is this happening? 
Earlier today, the IT team had to apply a pertinent change to the Windows Desktop estate to ensure its smooth running. We were unaware this would trigger the need for all users to immediately restart their machines and extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Adobe License – Fix Available in Self Service

If you are unable to access Adobe apps and receive an error message regarding ‘signing in’ or a license – please go to Software Centre (available only on managed PCs) and run “Adobe Creative Cloud Re-Licence”

Running this will apply a new licence and you will then be able to launch Adobe products.

If you are using a Mac, the same fix is available in Self-Service

If you are using a non-managed device, you will have to contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Replacing the dMail icon on University Desktops

The old dMail icon will start to be replaced by the new Email icon (shown to the left) from Thu 23 Nov at 16:00. The rollout will take time to apply across the entire Student and Staff Desktop estate, but the change over should be completed by close of day Fri 24 Nov.

No disruption is anticipated and your shortcut will continue to take you to the same place afterwards.

Microsoft Office Slowness Issue – Update

Investigations into the ongoing Microsoft Office slowness problem continue to be a key priority for UoD IT. As it stands, we still have a temporary workaround available, which has been largely effective in alleviating the symptoms of this particular issue for most people who have reported the problem to us.

Once again, we encourage anyone who is suffering from this issue to inform the Service Desk on to ensure that their situation can be assessed and the workaround applied if required.

We are currently still heavily engaged with Microsoft and we shall be carrying out some work on our infrastructure this week which they have recommended. We also continue to gather log data for Microsoft and will be passing some updated logs to them for analysis.

In the meantime, I apologise for the ongoing inconvenience and please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this issue.

Matthew Building – Power Outage – Sunday 29th October

Estates and Campus Services advise that there will be a power outage to the whole of the Matthew Building on Sunday 29/10/17. The power outage is expected to last the whole day.

Due to the loss of power IT services including wifi, network and desktops will be unavailable in this area.

UoD IT support will be on hand early Monday morning to check and confirm IT services are fully operational following restoration of power.

🖥️ Please restart your computer if asked

A planned change was applied to the infrastructure all University managed computers run on this morning, including the staff and student desktops. This remedial patch means the server these devices talk to now benefits from the latest bug fixes and should contribute to an overall performance improvement.

What do I need to do? If your PC prompts you to perform a restart, please do so without delay.

This change was triggered by the Office slowness problem (Call 1704-3524) investigation and is one of a series of progressive changes that will be implemented to resolve the issue.