Category: Desktops

Managed Desktop/Laptop – Upgrade Privilege Guard – Change Ref: 231

On Tuesday 28th May, 2013 we will deliver an upgrade to Privilege Guard software on Managed Desktop and Managed Laptop.

To complete the upgrade successfully, each PC is required to restart.  Your PC will not restart automatically while you are logged onto the network.  Users should shut down at the end of the day to complete the installation process.  In some cases your PC may restart shortly after switching on and before logging back onto the network.


C2C and –T Accounts Issue: 52556

An issue has arisen with –T accounts accessing Home directories which stops most applications on Connect2Campus working. This issue only affects the small number of people using C2C. To resolve this issue we have granted C2C access to the regular staff accounts of the small number of people who have authorisation to use C2C.

From now on you should only use your regular account to access C2C and not your –T account.

If you require more information please contact Service Desk and quote reference No. 52556

Resolved – No: 44487 – PC Date and Time issue

The date and time issue has now been resolved. Please contact Service Desk if you are still experiencing any difficulties with this service.


We are aware that when some users login this morning they will notice that the date on the desktop taskbar is incorrect. This will result in being unable to login to applications from your desktop eg dMail. We are investigating what has caused this issue but in the meantime suggest that you manually change the time setting on your machine. If you have any questions or concerns contact Service Desk quoting reference no 44487