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Service Degradation: On-Site Systems

UoD IT have resolved an issue with our storage systems that caused significant performance issues across systems hosted on-site.

This affected internal services such as SITS, P3, Timetabling and Cognos. Users should experience normal performance now.

If you are still experiencing issues, please get in touch and we will investigate further:

Retiring older versions of Box applications

This week, Box will retire outdated Box applications, including Box Sync, Box Tools, and Box for Office.

If you’re using older versions of these on your laptop or computer, this will affect you. Be sure to install the latest supported version by 15 June 2018.

ACTION: Please use the following links to download the latest version of the following Box applications. This will ensure your continued access to Box and the safety of your data.

Box Sync (access your Box files on your desktop without a web browser)

  1. Log into Box:
  2. Go to:
  3. Click Box Sync
  4. Launch the BoxSyncSetup.exe that you’ve just downloaded to install.

Box Edit (edit Box files using the applications installed on your desktop)

  1. Log into Box:
  2. Go to:
  3. Click + Add
  4. Launch the BoxEditSetup.exe that you’ve just downloaded to install.

Box for Office (open, edit and save files in Box directly from Microsoft Office on your Windows PC)

  1. Log into Box:
  2. Go to:
  3. Click + Add
  4. Launch the BoxForOffice.exe that you’ve just downloaded to install.

Getting help and reporting issues

If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Service Desk (ref number 1806-0871).

Issues with Life Sciences Group Shares


The engineers have identified the root cause of the problem and are planning future maintenance to apply some software updates to the system.

Information regarding any planned maintenance will be provided in advance with due notice.


Please be advised that some Group Shares are currently unavailable.

There appears to be an issue with FS1 which serves access to some Group Shares.

We are aware of the problem and are working to bring these back online asap.


Life Sciences Shares

UPDATE 01/06/18 08.35: A review was undertaken of the servers this morning and they continue to maintain an acceptable load level with no repeat of the issue since 30th May. We will continue to monitor performance throughout the day but we expect to see continued stability of this service.

UPDATE 31/05/18 15.00: Monitoring continues to show significant improvement in performance. The team will continue to monitor and a further update will be provided at 9.00 tomorrow, Friday 1st June.

UPDATE 31/05/18 11.45: Monitoring has shown a reduction in the backlog and the file servers appear to be on an acceptable load level. We expect to see a continued improvement to the service and will continue to monitor throughout the day. A further update will be provided at 15.00.

UPDATE 31/05/18 10.50: Monitoring following this morning’s change has shown a steady improvement in performance and we expect to see gradual improvement over the next couple of hours. If you are still experiencing issues (and are a Windows user) we recommend a reboot of your device.

UPDATE 31/05/18 10.06: Controlled changes were made this morning with the aim of stabilising the service & performance will continue to be monitored to check for improvement. We continue to work with the 3rd Party provider to resolve the underlying cause of this issue.

We are aware that users in Life Sciences are currently experiencing performance issues with access to file storage and related services (including Bumble Bee instrument booking).

We are currently investigating this issue and updates will be posted when available.

Homes storage (Life Sciences) migration

We’re moving any files you have stored on Life Sciences Homes (H: or L: Drive) to a new, more reliable storage solution on Tues 22 May from 07:00-09:00.

Will this affect me?
If the H: or L: drive on your computer is mapped to \\homes\… then you will be affected by this change.

What impact will this have?
Any data you have stored in these areas on your computer will be inaccessible during the work window. This includes files on your desktop. There will be no change to the place you store your files afterwards.

Do I need to do anything?
Please shut down your computer before 07:00 on 22 May and log back in after 09:00.

Why is this happening?
Many of you have been experiencing intermittent issues with access to \\homes and your files. As a result, we’ve commissioned a new Homes server and are duplicating your data onto it. This will result in a more stable and resilient environment for your personal data.

Issue Accessing Box Notes

There is currently a known issue with the Box Notes service impairing the access of notes either via link or through the Box Web App.

We have been in contact with Box Customer Support and they have verified this as well as ensuring us that their engineers are currently fixing the issue as soon as possible.

More information and updates can be found here  and we will update this blog as soon as we are informed that the issue has been resolved.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Search Facility within Box – should now be functioning normally

Update – At this time, Search results should be returning without delay. We are continuing to take steps to fully resolve the issue. The next update for this event is planned for Tuesday morning (May 9, 2017) or at the next significant change in status.
May 8, 18:07 PDT

The Search facility within Box is not functioning just now, files can be located if you know the location and are able to navigate directly.

Box are aware and are currently investigating this issue, updates for which can be located direct:

If you are affected by this issue and wish to be informed, please log a call mentioning Call ID 1705-1713.