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Issue uploading submission reporting – Routine Maintenance

We have been advised that a small number of students are having an issue submitting online. This is due to routine maintenance from our supplier.

Planned Turnitin Maintenance: Saturday August 5, 2017
7am – 1pm PDT / 3pm – 9pm GMT / 2am – 8am (Sunday 6) AEDT. (click here for your local time)

Turnitin services will be undergoing essential maintenance and will be unavailable.

All Turnitin customers on the following services will be affected including:

  • Turnitin (including mobile)
  • TurnitinUK
  • Integrations

Where applicable, please be aware no submissions or grading will be possible through any of the services listed above during this time. We therefore advise that submission deadlines be set outside of this maintenance window.

Please follow @TurnitinStatus on Twitter for the latest updates.

More information can be found real-time at the Turnitin website.

My Dundee Upgrade | July 2017

The University’s learning platform, My Dundee, will be unavailable from Mon 17- Fri 21 July due to upgrade.

Please ensure you download any teaching/study resources you may need over this period before the start date of the change.

Why are we upgrading?
Primarily to maintain compliance with our support agreement. The CTIL team continue to evaluate new features to determine which may be enabled/promoted and updates on this can be reached here.

If you have specific module delivery concerns or questions, please contact Help4U quoting change reference C1704-054.

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My Dundee | Server Restart

Planned maintenance is scheduled to take place for My Dundee on Tue 25 Apr, 08:30 – 09:00.

What’s the issue?
Issues within the live Blackboard environment have been identified following an unsuccessful change last week. UoD IT need to resolve these in order to proceed with this change and to ensure fullest support from Blackboard when troubleshooting any faults that may arise in the future.

What impact will this have?
My Dundee will be unavailable during this maintenance window as all Blackboard servers need to be rebooted. This will take approx. 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U (ref C1704-038)

My Dundee | Turnitin fix

Planned maintenance is scheduled to take place on My Dundee on Thu 13 Apr at  09:00-09:30 to resolve an ongoing Turnitin issue.

What’s the issue?
When a Turnitin assignment is added to a My Dundee course, a single Turnitin class is created. In some instances, two are being created. The team are making changes to the building block to fix this.

What impact will this have?
You may experience a short interruption if trying to use the Turnitin service within the work window.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U (ref C1703-105).

My Dundee | Email issue fix

Planned maintenance is scheduled to take place on My Dundee on Tue 11 Apr from 08:00-10:00 to resolve an ongoing email issue.

What’s the issue?
Currently, if someone sends an email out via My Dundee (e.g. as an instructor) their “Reply-To” address shows as This change will ensure that the email address of the actual person is shown instead.

What impact will this have?
No impact is anticipated due to the way the work is being undertaken.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U (ref C1703-014).

Turnitin — “No space left on device”

— Turnit-in —

Limited number of users experiencing an issue with submissions in Turnitin. Reporting the following error:

“No space left on the device”

Our engineers are aware of the issue and are investigating to find a resolution.

We hope to find a resolution soon, but if concerned about submission deadlines students are advised to consult their Course Leader.


— Update — 30/3/2017 @ 12:20

We have found that for a number of users that the issue is a local one which can be resolved by a  reset of the browser cache.

Instructions to reset browser cache:

Some users have also resolved the issue by using a different browser.


— Update — 30/3/2017 @ 13:20 —

Root cause of the issue has now been identified and resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused during this time.

My Dundee Upgrade | 06 January 2017

An agreed date to carry out an upgrade to the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (My Dundee) has been reached. The platform will be offline on Friday 06 January 2017 until 17:00 (1 day downtime) so we can perform this planned upgrade.

What are the benefits?
The upgrade will make My Dundee a more secure, stable place to work within and use to get or provide study materials.

Staff member with an active module this may affect?
Please get in touch with your School Office who can provide you with a route to log this.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please contact the IT Service Desk (ref #1114).

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