Category: Planned Maintenance

Advanced notice of planned maintenance that may have an impact on users.

Questionmark OnDemand Maintenance

Questionmark OnDemand will be updated on Sat 19th January between 07:00 and 13:00.

During the time above, staff authoring assessments and students taking assessments will experience service disruption. This also includes assessments taken through MyDundee that use the Questionmark OnDemand service.

This update will ensure the ongoing reliability, security, and uptime of the platform.

Reporting issues and getting help
If you have any questions about the update, please contact the Service Desk.

Medical Sciences Institute (MSI) Network Migrations

MSI will be migrated across to the new wired network on the w/b Mon 21 Jan. Migrations start at 08:00 and end at 18:00. The following areas are likely to be affected at the times given below:

North East Section of MSI (All floors), Tues 22 Jan
Departments/Divisions understood to be in this area:

  • Dundee Imaging Facility
  • Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery
  • Division of Cell and Developmental Biology

South Section of MSI (All Floors), Wed 23 Jan
Departments/Divisions understood to be in this area:

  • MRC Reagents
  • Division of Molecular Microbiology
  • Division of Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Division of Cell and Developmental Biology / Daan Van Aalten Team

Some additional work may progress over to the following day for this migration.

North West Section of MSI (All floors), Thu 24 Jan
Departments/Divisions understood to be in this area:

  • SLS Finance
  • SLS HR
  • NPSC

Keep the following in mind
You may find your device becomes active prior to the completion time. If this does occur, your network service should still be considered ‘at risk’ up until 18:00.

Whilst the replacement of the network equipment should be completed on the day of migration, some devices (such as printers etc.) may need further configuration once the network equipment has been replaced, therefore it is possible that work to update such devices is carried out on subsequent days.

There will be no access to the wired network (inc internet access) in these areas at the indicated times. Every effort will be made to ensure the wireless service remains active during wired migrations, however a short period of downtime may be required depending on the situation on the day. Migrations will affect all client devices such as PCs and laptops, printers, building management systems etc connected to the University network.

Actions – if you’re using a:
Unmanaged computer
You need to enable 802.1x authentication on your wired network connection. This is something you can do prior to or right after the migration. Instructions to help you do this for your OS (Windows, macOS, or Linux) can be reached on the IT website.
Managed computers (Staff Desktop)
Take no action for these devices post-migration. They should automatically connect to the new wired network but may need to be rebooted if they have been switched on throughout the change.If you need a refresh on how to connect your device to eduroam, which is already available in Life Sciences, visit the connect to eduroam wifi website guide.

Reporting issues / getting help

Once the work is complete, contact the Service Desk by phone on extension 88000 or online via Help4U.

All MSI activities will run on the University’s new, next-generation network following the successful migrations.

AppsAnywhere upgrade on One Dundee Desktop

AppsAnywhere, the app store you launch your software from on the One Dundee Desktop (Windows 10), will be upgraded on Wed 9 Jan between 10:00-13:00.

AppsAnywhere will be unavailable on One Dundee Desktop computers, including student PC’s in Library zones. Only a very basic provision of apps (Microsoft Office, Edge/Chrome, and Adobe Reader for example) will be available to use during the work window. To launch and run apps from the limited range on the day, go into the Start Menu.

The upgrade will result in performance and accessibility navigation improvements, as well as expanded device support to allow for the future availability of AppsAnywhere on BYOD / personal devices.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, contact the Service Desk (ref #C1811-074).

Turnitin Scheduled Maintenance

The following Turnitin services will be unavailable on 5th January 2019 between 16:00 and 23:59:

  • Turnitin and TurnitinUK (including all integrations and Turnitin Early Adopter Program)
  • SimCheckOEM (TCA API)
  • Feedback Studio for iOS
  • iThenticate (including iThenticate via API)
  • WriteCheck


Users will be unable to submit, grade, or access the Turnitin service during this maintenance window.


Several hardware updates and performance improvements will be made to allow the services to remain stable, particularly during high submission periods.

Reporting issues and getting help

If you have any questions about the update, please contact the Service Desk.

My Dundee upgrade – 20 Dec to 7 Jan

As previously communicated by CTIL, My Dundee will be taken offline at 17:00 on Thu 20 Dec 2018 for a major upgrade, before being fully restored by Mon 7 Jan 2019 at the latest.

During this time, you will be able to access your modules and the information/content they hold via a temporary service that is provided for reference purposes only. Some services such as Turnitin will have been disabled. Full details of this interim service can be found on the user guidance page.

Users will be emailed when we are ready to take the temporary service offline and begin restoring the full service. Note that the temporary service may be withdrawn at any time if required. 

Communication about this upgrade will be distributed by email from, as well as being posted on My Dundee itself. For details of the upgrade schedule and the limitations of the temporary service, please read CTIL’s guidance.

Note that there will be no support through Help4U over the winter closure.

Kaltura maintenance

If you use Kaltura, you may experience service disruption between the 20-25 Dec (starts 16:00 UTC – ends 04:00 UTC) while the vendor undertakes a planned change.

Kaltura will extend their West Cost Data Center (DC) cage capacity and upgrade their network infrastructure. During this maintenance, all production traffic will be served from their East Coast Data Center. A short interruption in live stream service is expected. Kaltura will update the status of the work at

If you’re live streaming only to the West Coast Data Center, be advised that fallback to the West Coast Data Center during traffic shift will not take place, resulting in live stream termination.

You’re advised to configure your encoder to stream to the East Coast Data Center as a back-up to ensure a smooth experience. For best practices and instructions on setting up the encoder, review the best practices guides.

Panopto upgrade

The Panopto (video management platform) server will be upgraded to Panopto 6.0 on Sat 15 Dec. This means a window of downtime of up to 3 hours from 20:00 while the upgrade is carried out.

During the time above, staff capturing content via Panopto and students viewing Panopto will experience service disruption. This also includes Panopto content viewed through My Dundee.

This update will introduce headline features such as new analytics capabilities, user interface updates, IP whitelisting, and the recycle bin will now allow admins to restore deleted content if needed.

Reporting issues and getting help
If you have any questions about the update, please contact the Service Desk.

eduroam wifi release to Life Sciences

The University’s new eduroam wifi provision will start to be turned on in Life Sciences buildings on Thu 6 Dec. The transition will be gradual and it may take all day to achieve full release – we will email you to let you know when all work is complete.

When the lifesci and UoD_WiFi SSID wifi options are no longer available to you, this means your location has been migrated. You should then connect to eduroam using the instructions in the IT website guide. Make sure you enter your full University username ( and password when asked.

Life Sciences staff will be able to access JBC datacentre resources on the Life Sciences network from any campus location when their computer is connected to eduroam wifi.