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My Dundee will be down on Fri 5 Jan

My Dundee will be taken offline for maintenance on the morning of Fri 5 Jan 2018. The service
should be restored and made available to you later the same day, though there will be an ‘at risk’
period that extends to Mon 8 Jan.

At risk?
The maintenance period should be limited to Fri 5, but as with any major technical activity, it is possible that an unforeseen issue will arise. Because of the weekend, downtime may extend through to Mon 8.

What and who will this effect?
My Dundee and all services delivered through it will be unavailable to all during the downtime. Anyone trying to access will be shown a notice explaining the situation.

Any questions about this downtime can be sent through Help4U.

My Dundee Upgrade | July 2017

The University’s learning platform, My Dundee, will be unavailable from Mon 17- Fri 21 July due to upgrade.

Please ensure you download any teaching/study resources you may need over this period before the start date of the change.

Why are we upgrading?
Primarily to maintain compliance with our support agreement. The CTIL team continue to evaluate new features to determine which may be enabled/promoted and updates on this can be reached here.

If you have specific module delivery concerns or questions, please contact Help4U quoting change reference C1704-054.

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Release of Examination Results | June 2017

With the second diet of examinations well underway, plans are now being made for the publication of examination results.

Examination results are due to be published after 12:00 midday on Wednesday 07 June 2017. Due to the high demand our servers typically experience around this time, results will be released in a phased manner in accordance with server traffic.

To check if results are available in eVision for your particular School, you should first check this page. Real-time updates will be added to this page, and the One Dundee Facebook and Twitter channels on the day.

Real-time exam issue updates

  1. 12:52pm. Students in the School of Humanities (SHUM) and School of Social Sciences (SSOC) can now access their exam results via eVision.
  2. 13:43pm. Students in the School of Science & Engineering (SSEN) can now access their exam results via eVision.
  3. 14:25pm. Students in the School of Life Sciences (SLSC), School of Education and Social Work (SESW), School of Medicine (SMED) and Careers and Employability and Enterprise Hub and CASTLE (PSTU) can now access their exam results via eVision.
  4. 14:54pm. Students in the Dundee University Access to Learning (PEXR), School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SNHS), School of Dentistry (SDEN) and School of Art and Design (SDAD) can now access their exam results via eVision.

Any students from these Schools who are currently logged into eVision are required to fully close their web browser (all tabs) and log into eVision to see the exam results options.

Operation exam results issue complete! Many thanks for your patience.

University Timetabling and RoomBooking Website Down

There are issues with the University Timetabling / Roombooking website at the moment. The website is reporting that the page is not responding and roombooking is not allowing logins.

A UoDIT team are investigating the issue at the moment.

Please assign any calls to Landesk ref: 214519

UPDATE: (3.39pm) Timetables website is now back up and functioning again but roombookings is still denying logins. We are now focusing our attention on this service.

UPDATE: (3.59pm) Roombooking website is now back up and functioning again.

All services restored.

Issues with online timetable access

On Sunday (15th Jan) evening we had issues with our timetabling service and it was unavailable. The UoD IT team investigated the issue and full service was restored at 7.00 a.m. this morning. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Incident review outcome

A full incident review took place on Monday and a summary of the outcomes of this discussion is given below.

What happened?
Each time a customer uses the online timetable service a record of the events that take place during their session is logged in a file alongside that of everyone else. Due to the higher than normal volume of activity, the size of this logfile exceeded the total amount of space allowed for it on the University’s network infrastructure, which led to loss of service. The IT Team were unable to respond pro-actively in this instance because 100% space capacity was reached quickly, which meant monitoring measures proved ineffective.

What was the root cause?
Previous investigations carried out by the vendor (Scientia) in response to similar disruptive events suggest that repeated denial-of-service attacks may be responsible for these periods of online timetable unavailability. If this is a cyber-attack case, it is likely the service was flooded with illegitimate requests that overloaded the system, preventing customers from making their own legitimate requests to access timetables.

What are we doing now?
The team will continue to investigate this incident to identify any potential improvements that may prevent it from happening again. This review has highlighted a need to re-check current monitoring practices, the online timetabling set-up, as well as the way we communicate incidents like this to customers.

Did you notice this issue?
In this instance, a much lower number of calls were received from customers to the IT Service Desk than usual. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage everybody to report any IT issues as and when they come across them by getting in touch with Help4U at their earliest convenience. This will ensure as quick a resolution as possible is reached.