Category: Telephony

Issues with making external calls

We are receiving a number of reports of issues encountered by some users when making external calls. This is an intermittent issue whereby users may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Engaged Tone
  • Call cannot be connected
  • Rings then goes dead
  • Connects but callers/recipients cannot hear.

Subsequent calls may be successful.

Please report all issues to the IT Service Desk providing the following additional information to help with diagnosis;

Calling Number:

Called Number:

Time of call:


Further updates will follow.

04/05/18 – Work carried out last night appears to have rectified the issue. We will continue to monitor over the weekend and into the early part of next week before closing this down. Please report all instances of problems experienced in making or receiving external calls meantime with the information requested above.

07/05/18 – Following remedial work carried out on Friday evening it would appear that the issue has now stabilized and that the underlying cause of the problem has been identified and rectified. We will however, continue to monitor the situation for the next couple of days and would request that anyone experiencing issues with external calls please report them to the IT Service Desk.

Switchboard – Unavailable Externally

Switchboard number 01382 83000 is currently unavailable to external callers.

The issue has been reported to our Telephony service provider who is now working to resolve this issue.

Update @ 09:50

Our telephony service provider have now resolved the issue and switchboard is again available to external callers.

Service Restored: Dalhousie Network Outage

The issues affecting network connectivity within Dalhousie this morning (Monday 30th October) have been identified and resolved with full restoration of service.

Service Restored: We are currently experiencing some network connectivity issues in the Dalhousie building affecting both PC’s and telephony. The team are currently investigating the issue and have identified a problem. Further updates will be issued as soon as we have any more information.

Telephony Issues – Calling NHS Numbers

We have some reported issues with users unable to call NHS numbers today.

A call has been logged with both NHS IT Service Desk and with our telephony service and support provider for investigation.

Numbers prefixed with a 2 are currently not operational. Example: 2 35 XXX

As a workaround users can dial the NHS switchboard number and ask to be transferred.

NHS Switchboard : (9) 01382 660 111

I will update you when I receive some more information from our support provider.


Update @ 15:00 on 26/10/17

An issue has been identified on the PBX link between the University and Ninewells. Our Support and Service provider and NHS IT are investigating to determine a solution.


Update @ 09:30 on 27/10/17

Please be advised that the issue regarding telephony between UoD and NHS number has now been confirmed as resolved by our Service Provider. Local tests also confirm this is the case.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


IP Phones – Time Incorrect

Please be advised that all IP phones are showing time as 1 hour behind local time. UoD IT are aware of the issue and have reported this to our service and support provider for investigation.


Update: 10:10 — 23/10/2017

After liaising with our telephony provider the decision has been made not to change the time on the IP telephones before the clocks go back this weekend (29th October).

The change to fix the time would cause a 45 minute telephony outage and users would lose their call logs and any unsaved voicemail messages as a result of the change.

This has been deemed an unnecessary change given the short timescales involved.

Telephony Service Degraded

The University telephony service has now been restored to full functionality.

The reason for outage was due to two major breaks in the BT lines provided to us by Vodafone. As both our main line and our backup line went down at roughly the same time our resiliency was lost.

We are currently working with Vodafone to create a solution that will provide more resiliency in the future to prevent this issue re-occurring.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Telephony in the Tower Building

There is currently an issue with telephone calls affecting users on Level 7 & 8 of the Tower Building. Engineers have identified the problem and a fix will be applied on the morning of 18th August. IT advise all users affected to log out of all applications and save all work prior to shutting down their machines this evening. We will update this post again once the fix has been applied. IT apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing you.

Nuisance calls that appear to come from an internal number

The University has recently experienced a small number of nuisance calls. Whilst they appear to be from numbers within the University, they do not originate from our systems.

What is the easiest way to check if the call is legitimate?
Nuisance calls that appear to be from a University extension will display an 01382 dial code in front of the University number. Genuine internal calls will normally only display a five-digit short number on your office telephone.

Colleagues should feel comfortable ending any call which uses threatening or abusive language and should not feel that they are required to engage with any caller displaying such behaviour.