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RESOLVED: Dialling NHS numbers at Ninewells

We are currently dealing with an issue at Ninewells campus where University IP phones are unable to dial NHS phone numbers, normally users would dial a number with a preceding ‘2’ to connect.

This issue is being dealt with as a top priority and we will keep this post updated with any progress. We are tracking this issue with reference number 1905-2396.


02 Network Unavailability

Update 07/12/2018 @ 6.55 a.m.

02 appear to have resolved the issue that has been affecting their service – and service has been restored.

Update from 02 at 10.05

We’re aware that our customers are unable to use data this morning.  One of our third party suppliers has identified a global software issue in their system which has impacted us.  We believe other mobile operators around the world are also affected.  Our technical teams are working with their teams to  ensure this is fixed as quickly as possible.  We’d encourage our customers to use Wifi wherever they can and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

The O2 Service Status  is showing that O2 are experiencing technical issues across 3G and 4G data services.

Calls to and from 02 devices are affected

We are closely monitoring the situation and will keep you updated as and when anything changes.

Dundee City power outage affecting network and telephones

Following a power incident in Dundee City Centre (Greenmarket) this morning, there have been power failures on campus which has affected user access to the network and telephony services.

Working in partnership with colleagues from Campus Services, full service resumed in all affected buildings by 12:00.  Buildings affected were Carnelley, Crawford, Dalhousie, DUSA, Ewing, Fulton, Hawkhill, Life Sciences, Main Library, Matthew, OMS, OTI, QMB, Scrymgeour and Tower Building.

If you experience any issues like this please contact the Service Desk in the normal way.

We will continue to closely monitor the network should there be any further disruption.

Telephony – Essential Maintenance

ProVista (the suppliers of our Telephony system) have advised a reboot of the CUCM cluster.

This will be done this evening between 7pm and 9pm.

During this time the phone system should be considered “at risk”.

When the system comes back on line, some handsets may require a reboot, this is done by simply removing the network cable from the back of the device (if there are 2 cables it is the one NOT going in to your computer, it’s the other one) and replacing it again.

If you experience any issues, please contact Help4u in the usual manner.

Delay in Voicemail Retrieval and Deletion


If you are experiencing issues with the red light indicator on your handset displaying a voicemail message is waiting when there is no voicemail to retrieve, please dial 16202 from your handset to reset the light.

Our engineers are still investigating the delay in voicemail notifications.


Some users are experiencing delays in receiving voicemail messages and then subsequently trying to delete them.

Our telephony provider is aware and is currently investigating.

Issues with making external calls

We are receiving a number of reports of issues encountered by some users when making external calls. This is an intermittent issue whereby users may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Engaged Tone
  • Call cannot be connected
  • Rings then goes dead
  • Connects but callers/recipients cannot hear.

Subsequent calls may be successful.

Please report all issues to the IT Service Desk providing the following additional information to help with diagnosis;

Calling Number:

Called Number:

Time of call:


Further updates will follow.

04/05/18 – Work carried out last night appears to have rectified the issue. We will continue to monitor over the weekend and into the early part of next week before closing this down. Please report all instances of problems experienced in making or receiving external calls meantime with the information requested above.

07/05/18 – Following remedial work carried out on Friday evening it would appear that the issue has now stabilized and that the underlying cause of the problem has been identified and rectified. We will however, continue to monitor the situation for the next couple of days and would request that anyone experiencing issues with external calls please report them to the IT Service Desk.