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Nuisance calls that appear to come from an internal number

The University has recently experienced a small number of nuisance calls. Whilst they appear to be from numbers within the University, they do not originate from our systems.

What is the easiest way to check if the call is legitimate?
Nuisance calls that appear to be from a University extension will display an 01382 dial code in front of the University number. Genuine internal calls will normally only display a five-digit short number on your office telephone.

Colleagues should feel comfortable ending any call which uses threatening or abusive language and should not feel that they are required to engage with any caller displaying such behaviour.

IP Phones – Incorrect Time Displayed

We are receiving a lot of calls to tell us that the time displayed on the University IP phones is incorrect – we would appear to have moved back an hour in time…

A call has been logged with our telephony provider to resolve this.

Update | 25 October 2016

After liaising with our telephony provider the decision has been made not to change the time on the IP telephones before the clocks go back this weekend.

The change to fix the time would cause two telephony outages and users would lose their call logs and any unsaved voicemail messages as a result of the change.

This has been deemed an unnecessary change given the short timescales involved.

Resolved – Switchboard issues causing phone call queues

An issue with the University switchboard is affecting calls being placed to internal UoD members from external lines.

There have been several short switchboard outages; each time it becomes unavailable, calls to the main university number are directed to Tower reception, which has resulted in queued calls. The phone directory is also currently unavailable.

ProVista Engineers are investigating the issue and we will keep you updated as we work toward resolution.

UPDATE – This matter is now resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Resolved – Issue calling Ninewells hospital

We are pleased to inform users that this issue has now been resolved.

We are currently investigating an issue with calls to Ninewells which is causing the following:

  • Calls cannot be made from University of Dundee numbers to Ninewells using the prefix 2-
  • Pagers cannot be paged from the University of Dundee

Callers can call Ninewells by dialling externally then the Ninewells number.

We will update this post as soon as we have gathered more information about the issue.

University telephone voicemail change

As a result of an upgrade to the Telephony System you now have a new voicemail service on your office telephone.

New voicemail service access:

  • You should access your voicemail by pressing the ‘messages’ button or using the number 16200.
  • You will be prompted to enter a PIN number. Use the initial PIN number 102030 and then follow the prompt to:
    • Change your greeting
    • Change your PIN to a six digit number that you will remember (note: like your password do not use something that others will guess)

If you are having difficulties accessing voicemail please wait 10 minutes before trying again.

Old voicemail service access:

  • As this is a new voicema​il service, your older voicemail messages that you have saved can be accessed in a different way.
  • To access your old voicemail dial the number 16300 and enter your old password.

If you require more information or support please contact the Service Desk.

Completed – Telephone PSTN upgrade – Tuesday 23 September

As part of the upgrade to telephony systems, two of our gateways will be replaced during the routine maintenance window on Tuesday 23 September 2014 (07:00 – 09:00).

There may be a brief period during which calls to mobile phones and to and from the NHS phone system will be affected.  During the work we will endeavour to undertake maintenance when there are no calls in progress to avoid anyone being disconnected mid call.

If you have any queries or concerns about this work please contact the Service Desk quoting change ref 480.


Completed – Essential maintenance – Phone handsets – No: 473

In preparation for the planned telephony system upgrades, the firmware on all IP phone handsets must be upgraded.  The bulk of this work is currently scheduled for 30 August 2014.

The impact of the upgrade will be:

  • your phone will reboot at least once
  • you will lose the phone logs (missed/received/placed calls)
  • if your PC is connected through your phone, your PC will lose network connectivity during the upgrade

If you have any queries about the change, please contact the Service Desk quoting change ref. 473