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Update: Essential upgrades to telephony and network service – 19 & 20 July

Update: 22 July 2013 – 10.40pm

Some users reported they were unable to access the network in the Scrymgeour Building first thing this morning. This was resolved quickly and we do not anticipate any further disruptions as a result of this work. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Help & Support

If you are still having issues relating to this work contact Service Desk and quote Incident no 69822.


Thursday 17 July at 6.57pm

As part of a programme of essential, on-going work,  network maintenance will be carried out between 6pm on Friday 19 July and 5pm on Saturday 20 July. We will upgrade to newer and improved equipment and move and replace connections. This work will enhance connectivity to the network and telephony systems and improve resilience to the service.

While this work is being carried out staff in Park Place, Scrymgeour Building and Bonar Hall will experience interruptions if using the network and telephony systems.

Help & Support

If you have any questions about this work contact Service Desk and quote Change no 224.

Planned maintenance: Essential upgrade to network and telephony systems – Reference number 224

Update 14.33, Tuesday, 11th June

This essential work to enhance connectivity to the network and telephony systems and improve resilience to the service will now be carried out on Wednesday, 19th June, 18.00  – 21.00.

If you have any questions or concerns about this work please contact Service Desk quoting reference number (Change) 224.

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Resolved-Issue with telephony at Ninewells-No:51622

This issue has now been resolved. Please contact Service Desk if you are continuing to experience any difficulties with this service.


We are aware some users at Ninewells are experiencing issues with telephony.

Our technical teams are working to restore services.

Help & Support

If you require more information please contact Service Desk and quote reference no. 51622.