Category: Third Party Changes

Updates to Secure Mobile Working/Company Portal app on iOS

If you get your work emails on your smartphone/tablet through an app such as Outlook, that means you’ve proven your device meets the University’s minimum security standards. This check is performed by the Company Portal app, which you’ve installed on your device.

Stopped getting emails to your iOS device lately?
Microsoft Intune just updated their support policy for the Company Portal app, which means you need to have updated the software on your device to iOS 10 (minimum) or above (latest iOS 12 recommended). Go into your Settings app, select General, then Software Update, and apply the update to start receiving your emails through your chosen app once again. In line with Apple, only devices running one of the 3 latest iOS versions will be compatible with the app from now on.

Older devices that don’t support an OS greater than iOS 9 
Certain devices such as iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), and iPad Mini (1st Generation) can’t be updated to within the latest 3 versions. If you have one of these devices, you will have noticed you’re no longer receiving your work emails through your chosen email app. If this applies to you and accessing your email via browser on your device moving forwards isn’t an acceptable option, contact the budget holder in your School or Professional Service to discuss the possibility of procuring a new device through IT Buying.

Microsoft retiring Outlook Web Apps (OWA)

The OWA apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices will no longer work from tomorrow (15 May 2018) onwards. If you currently use this app on any of your mobile devices, you need to download and install the Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android app instead.

The Outlook apps offer enhanced email and calendar features, and most of the functionality currently found in the OWA apps. A few features such as the ability to access shared mailboxes will not be available until later in the year.

More information can be found in Microsoft’s article.

Bristol Online Survey (BOS) Downtime

Ownership of the Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) tool is scheduled to transfer from the University of Bristol to Jisc on Tue 03 Oct 2017, during which there will be a period of downtime. Current expectation is that the downtime will last no longer than 48 hours.

Unfortunately, the above transfer date is outwith the control of the University of Dundee, however, support will continue to be provided as normal by the LLC & CI Survey Service during the transitional time. Following the transfer, there should be no noticeable difference to your use of the BOS survey tool.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Library via

Accessing Box via Internet Explorer 9/10

Box discontinued support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) & 10 (IE10) last year because Microsoft announced they will no longer release security updates to them.

What impact does this have?
If you try to access Box on either of these unsupported browsers you will see a banner notifying that you are no longer using a supported browser. Your access to Box from IE9/10 will be blocked until you have upgraded to a supported browser.

How do I check what version I have?
To find out what IE version is on your computer, follow this guidance. On-campus University computers have already been upgraded to a more recent, secure version, so no need to worry on that front.

When will this happen?
This will happen early May 2017. It is highly recommended that you upgrade or switch to a Box supported browser. You can find all of the supported browsers at the Box Community page.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U.

Seabraes Accommodation | Power work affecting IT network

This planned work was reported to us by Sanctuary Students and will affect your IT provision. Expect network interruption in your accommodation throughout Mon 13 Mar that may extend into Tues 14 Mar while essential electrical repairs take place.

Sanctuary Students has issued an email to residents outlining why this is necessary and what else it will impact.

Box design improvements

Box is releasing some design improvements and a user tutorial, including design updates to improve and streamline your Box experience, as well as product tours for first time and existing users. You’ll also notice that if you are a first time user, you will be asked two questions when you log into the Box web application for the first time – you can answer these questions to receive a customized user tour, or skip them to move on to a general tour. Answering these questions will allow Box to deliver a customized tour to help you use the product more effectively.

You will see this update in mid-January of 2016 (date is subject to change). You can use this information to familiarize yourself with the updates in advance. Please let me know if you have any questions.