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Tower & OTI Building Network Disruptions

Estates and Buildings have informed us there will be an electrical power outage in areas of the Tower Building today, Wed 22 Mar from 3-5pm.

This is likely to cause network disruptions/outages within the Old Technical Institute (OTI) and Tower building. We ask you to consider the wireless and wired provision at risk here, for the 2 hours suggested above.

Unfortunately, UoD IT cannot resolve related network outages until E&B bring back power in the Tower Building.

For any other IT questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U.

OTI basement & ground floor – wireless network changes

Planned maintenance is scheduled to take place on the wireless network in the Old Technical Institute (OTI) on Tue 21 Mar from 07:00-09:00.

What impact will this have?
The wifi service will be offline in the OTI basement and ground floor during this work window. Downtime is not expected to last the full 2hrs, although we ask that you consider the wireless provision at risk here for the duration of the maintenance period.

How will I get online?
Staff members should be aware that the wired connection (for anything plugged into the wall via ethernet cable, such as desktop PCs) will not be affected by this work.

What are the benefits?
Gaining wifi access will be more seamless and consistent for individuals at this location thereafter.

Why are we doing this?
This work is required to remedy issues with customers having sporadic access to the wireless system.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U.

Main Library Wi-Fi disruption | 20 December

Planned configuration work on the Wi-Fi in the Main Library, City Campus will take place on Tuesday 20 December between 07:30-08:30.

What impact will this have?
During this time, a complete Wi-Fi outage will be experienced in the building. A two hour ‘at risk’ period has been put in place afterwards to allow the team to address any unforeseen issues that may arise. Student Desktop PCs and Staff devices plugged into the wired network via the wall will not be affected.

What are the benefits?
This will make the new wireless network more fault tolerant moving forward, which will ensure Wi-Fi network availability at all times.

If you have any questions about this maintenance, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U (ref #1139).

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DUSA & Campus Green Wi-Fi disruption | 19 December

Planned work on the network hardware located in DUSA Air Bar will take place on Monday 19 December between 09:00-17:00.

What impact will this have?
A complete Wi-Fi outage will be experienced in the Air Bar and at Campus Green for the entire day. In addition, Liar Bar wireless coverage will be intermittent and not working as well as usual.

What are the benefits?
This preparatory work is needed so that we can switch on the new, superfast Wi-Fi network at DUSA on Thu 05 Jan 2017.

If you have any questions about this maintenance, please contact the IT Service Desk via Help4U (ref #1138).

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City Campus, Dec-Jan | New wireless network switch ons

This series of works will start on Tues 13 Dec and span into the New Year

We’ll begin to move the areas listed below across to the new Wi-Fi network shortly. Click on the links and download the .ics file to add any of these events to your calendar:

Each switch over will take approximately one hour and you can expect to experience a complete Wi-Fi outage at the location in question during that time. There will be a two hour ‘at risk’ period directly after each piece of work to address any unforeseen issues that may arise.

After the work in these buildings

UoD_WiFi will no longer appear and you should connect your devices to eduroam using these instructions to get superfast speeds. The username format you should use to authenticate to eduroam is (full username; email address without the dots). Why not download this poster and put it up in your office/within your building if it’s listed above, to make sure everyone is aware?

Please note that we’re only migrating to the new wireless in these locations; future work will be needed to bring them onto the new wired network. If you’re using a laptop plugged into the wired network in one of these areas, you may wish to take advantage of having your next-gen Wi-Fi activated by connecting it wirelessly instead.

Until all areas have switched over to the new wireless network, the old UoD_WiFi and eduroam networks will still be available in parts of our campuses. This means you may have to re-authenticate as you roam between the old and new wireless networks.

As ever, if you require any help, please do get in touch with UoD IT via Help4U (ref #1141-1144).

UoD WiFi outage this morning

We experienced a short UoD WiFi outage this morning in the Main Campus Library and at West Park Residences.

Network Teams were quick to respond and restore service and can only apologise for the inconvenience caused.

This was caused by a failure of our old network infrastructure and we are delighted to say that the University has recognised this in its investment of our new network



Resolved: New wireless network in accommodation

The fix update (see below) has been made and tested successfully, and the new wireless network in University Accommodation should now be working properly. If you do experience any more issues, please log these with the IT Service Desk.

We’ve identified an issue with the new wireless network in University accommodation and are working with our network suppliers CircleIT and Dell to fix it.

What’s being done
The fix involves a firmware update across all the deployed switches. We have instigated an emergency programme of upgrades which will result in instability of the network in residences this morning.

Once complete, this should resolve the issue of intermittent network loss that has been reported by some students within residences. We expect this work to be complete later today.