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Assistance required from users unable to login to UoD WiFi

We have become aware of an issue for users logging in to UoD WiFi from certain devices running Windows 8 and Mac iOS.  A user will temporarily be unable to authenticate  despite their login credentials  being correct.

We are unable to replicate the issue so it would be extremely helpful if anyone experiencing  this problem  could get in touch with Service Desk.  It will allow us to run realtime debugs  on the wireless infrastructure  to obtain diagnostic information our network  vendor (Cisco) has requested.

We understand how frustrating such issues can be so your help in obtaining the information is greatly appreciated .

Issues using UoD WiFi – Main Library – No: 85925

Update 4th February 2014 – 17.25pm

Last we fixed the problem users were having connecting to WiFi in Main Library. We have been closely monitoring performance and are now satisfied that the issue is resolved.

We are still taking follow-up actions and implementing changes due to lessons learned from this outage. Applying what we learned from reviewing this issue will continue to improve the WiFi service across campus.

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UoD WiFi – live in Residences from Friday 30 August

We are working on final testing of WiFi in Residences before the official go live date – Friday 30 August. For the first time students in Residences will have access to UoD WiFi, as well as the existing cabled connections.

We are aware some students have arrived early and encourage you to access the network using a cabled connection. Just plug in and go! Full instructions will be available in each room by Friday 30 August, but can be found at Sanctuary Reception before this.

You can check the WiFi instructions in advance at